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Sunday, May 31, 2009

You've Got Flair 3x3 cards

I am working on some cards to show off our stamp of the month for my gathering next week. These stamps are from the You've Got Flair stamp set. I used my markers from different pallets to color in the stamps after I embossed them with clear detail EP. Once they were colored in I sponged over them to bring out the borders. This set has a middle eastern or east India feel to it. Like what you would find on artwork in the open air markets of India. It is very pretty.

I still have the August stamp set to do, but am too beat to do that tonight. That stamp set is called It's Your Day. It is about birthday cakes and celebrating. I think I need to be wide awake and cheery to work on that set. I need to get to bed and be rested for tomorrow as I will be working Mon, Tues, & Wed. My friend, Kathleen, is going to Oregon with her husband for the week. He is a certified fly fishing instructor and apparently he goes all over the country giving seminars. So I will be filling in for her.

May I ask for your prayers for my daughter's boyfriend and his family. While Chase's mom was at church this morning her dryer shorted out and caused a major fire in the house. They lost both a cat and a dog to the fire. Jacki is devastated by the loss of her pets as well as the loss of many heirlooms and antiques. I know what she is going through as we had a fire the year we moved down here to Florida when lightning struck our townhouse. The girls were in Virginia at summer camp and Alec was in summer camp here. George was fine. He came walking out of the house as if to say "Where were you, there were boots and suits all over the place disturbing me." It is a horrible feeling when a neighbor calls to say, "I don't want you to be upset, but your house is on fire.
Please remember this family in prayer.
Thank you and thanks for tuning in.


  1. I love what you did with this stamp set, too! The bottom one is particularly striking. I will keep Chase's family in my prayers. My son and his family lost everything in a fire three years ago. It was so hard, and in the end, he and his wife's young marriage wasn't strong enough to survive the tragedy. Sad.

  2. Oh my goodness, sending up prayers for that family! I can't even imagine the devastation of a major house fire! Praise the good Lord that no one (other than the pets) were hurt/killed in the fire!

    On another note...I do think your cards are super cute!

  3. My prayers are going up for the family too! Things can be replaced but people can't!
    Your cards are so peaceful and I love the techniques you shared. #2 and #4 are my favorites!

  4. Leslie-my prayers go out to your daughters boyfriends family. How devastating. Thank God they were ok.
    I really like your samples from you got flair...I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stamp set. I am buying my own set this week because I was using another consultants to play with.

  5. Oh I will keep them in my prayers--how horrible!

    I love the Indian look of those cards too very cute!

  6. Your cards are wonderful Leslie...
    I will say a prayer for your daughters boyfriends family!