That's Me

Sunday, January 8, 2012

wall hanging

Hello, I have made another wall hanging.  The last one I made was more in the theme of Christmas (see Friday, December 30th) and I wanted this one to be generic so I could put it in my office at work.  I think it is okay, but...  Of course, there is always a but, right?  I would use different colors if I made another one and would have made sure that LOVE was more visible.  I kind of think the blue is too dark.  The green square didn't necessarily have to be square.  Oh well I'm still going to use it.

Thanks for tuning in.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

3 cards took me all day

I cannot believe it took me all day for these three cards.

This paper is from a pack of graduation papers I got last year to do a layout for my son.  

This card is going to be entered into the Sweet-n-Sassy Stamp challenge.  The only requirement was that you use a digital image.  Well, I did that.  It is not one of their images,but they said that was okay.  I am sorry to say I do not know where this image came from.  I try really hard to save items using the creator's name, but sometimes I just don't.

This is a little cutie pie.  Bright and cheerful with googly eyes.    It is also a digi .  It is named fcdpco68.  I am sure at the time this meant something to me, but not any more.  I feel like such a failure when I do stupid things.
One thing I forgot to do was use the pattern or "CASE" one of the DT cards, so I can't post these after all.  Oh Well.

I am going to post these and then see about making more cards.

Thanks for tuning in.