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Monday, May 28, 2012

more cards taken with new camera

This was used for a class on card making and paper piecing technique.   The pedestal was pieced as were the blue, pink and yellow cake layers.

Another paper piecing project

This one is strip of paper laid on a white card stock

I think this card is neat.  It is supposed to be the Faux Patina from a SCS tutorial.  I have two others that are better, I just forgot to photograph them.  Will do that now. The button in the center of the flower really sparkles and brings out the patina even more.

This was just an example of sponging over clear embossed image.
Another faux patina

and another one.

My daughter bought a camera for Mother's Day.  I am not quite used to it yet so pictures may not be as clear as they usually are.  Here goes...  I haven't gotten used to the new Blogger.  I say new, but it has probably been a couple years since they changed the way photos upload.
I really need to get more cards done.  Nine birthdays in June at work.  Several of them will be after school has closed so I may not get them done.

Also I am now the corresponding secretary for my DAEOP group.  It is the Duval Association of Educational Office Professionals.  Apparently I will be sending out a lot of cards in the next year so I need to make some "thinking of you", "get well" and "sympathy" cards.  There are about 70 members so I don't want to start the process of sending out birthday cards to them as well.
Thanks for tuning in.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

March and April cards plus a darling layout

Hi all, it has been so long I don't know what I have posted and what I haven't.  I will have to do an inventory of my last few months blog posts and upload what else I am missing.

Hope you enjoy seeing what I have posted so far and will come back again to see the rest of them.
Thanks for tuning in.