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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Becky's gift - My daughter's mother-in-law

Because I am such a nice person, yes truly I am. You will see.

I am sure you remember me telling you that I got the wedding photos printed, right? Well, I was making a flip card for a friend's daughter when I thought I could make one of my own daughter's wedding, then I thought, this might make a nice mother's day gift for Alan's mother. See I told you I was a nice person.

Do you know what a flip card is? I am not really sure what you call it. I think of it as an album because it has a dozen photos or more and lots of other stuff too.

This post is going to have a dozen or more photos so it may take all day to get it posted.

You have probably heard more about this wedding than you ever wanted to know, but I am quite proud of my daughter and son-in-law. They had a small wedding that was FUN. She was very thoughtful of her attendees. The dress she chose for them was not overly expensive and she chose ballet slippers for them to wear instead of some uncomfortable pair of shoes they would have to walk in and stand in for hours on end. She wore slippers herself rather than something uncomfortable. Probably wouldn't have been my choice, but it wasn't - my choice that is. We, my family, all say the wedding was fun and the only thing traditional about it was the dress. The dress was gorgeous and so was the bride. The cake was fun. The topper was comic book characters, The Question and Supergirl, and had blue roses. The officiant read the wedding scene from "The Princess Bride". That cracked everyone up. The food was fantastic - my sisters and brother-in-law catered the event. Very classy job they did. Alan's mom, Becky, got the linens, the punch fountain, some of the decorations and the arch.

Anyway, Here are the photos (there are only 21) of the album that Ash and Alan can give to Becky for Mother's day next week. There is a photo of Alan standing between his two brothers, Jeffrey and Jeremy or Jeremy and Jeffrey, I can't tell which because I can't see who is wearing the watch. Jeffrey has a watch thing so unconsciously he always shows his watch in photos. At least that is what they tell me. This photo cracks me up. I just love it, they are like two body guards.

I just waited a good 10 minutes for photos to load only for ie to tell me there was an error. Like I said this is going to take all day.

Notice the one small photo of the bridesmaid with the short dark hair. That's Adrainna isn't she the cutest? She is so tiny compared to Jeffrey/Jeremy.

I was working on a layout yesterday or maybe it was this one and talking with my friend and up line and telling her about walking through the mall after the hair appointment. Ashley is blessed to be 5'6" and as you can see weighs half what her mother weighs. The hair dresser put her hair up and then placed the tiara on and then did her makeup. As we walked through a large department store people literally stopped what they were doing to stare at Ashley. Several people guessed that she was getting married and told her how beautiful she looked. It brings tears to my eyes.
This took several hours to post. I am done or done in.
Thanks for tuning in. check back cuz I have another photo to post of a card I made.

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  1. Wow I don't remember that at the mall--guess I was pretty excited, hehe. But that's pretty awesome! :-D

    Guess it doesn't really matter now, but that's Jeffrey with Michelle and Jeremy with Adrianna. ...I'm not exactly sure how I tell, haha. I just do.

    Also, I'm 5'7". :-)

    Love you!