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Saturday, December 31, 2011

cards & 2012 calendar

Here is one of those "what was I thinking" kind of cards.  How much more boring can it be?

Here it is after I rethought it.  This card is for a kindergarten teacher so I thought she might appreciate the childishness of the the card.  I am sure if her students see it with the googly eyes, it will be a hit.  I made sure to add a gator as I am pretty sure she is a Gator fan. Who isn't in Jax?  Let me tell you, I do not advertise my leaning toward the Seminoles.

These cards are ones that I found similar on blogs.  Most of the time when I save a card in my files, I save it as that person's name and add a number to the end of it so when it comes time I can give credit.  Once in a while it escapes me.

This is similar to one I saw on Vicki Wizniuk's blog

I think this one is my own, but I couldn't swear to it.  I went back through my files and couldn't find one that came close. If I did get the idea from someone and can't remember, I apologize.

This one I saw something similar on Deneen Treble's blog.  She is also a very talented lady.

Ms. Molly had a card like this on her blog and I couldn't help myself.

I just love this little tree.  This was the first time I have put ink on that stamp set.  Too cute, kind of Dr. Suessish, don't you  think? I saw on similar to this on Aaron Brown's blog. 

Lisa Lara had one like this with the directions and everything on her blog.  I really needed some Thank you cards so I jumped at what would work.  Cute huh?

Cool! Blogger actually loaded the photos right where I wanted them.

This is my yearly desk calendar .  I really am pleased with it.  This is the third year in a row that I have been able to use the base and just change the year and the calendars.  It is so easy since I have the stamp set "Moments in Time" from Close to my Heart.

I have seen other cute calendars that have the tear off pages, but I sometimes have to check back on a previous date and wouldn't be able to do that if I had to tear off the previous months.

The neat thing about this calendar is that after June has passed, I can untie my little ribbon , flip it over and I have the next six months showing.  

I can just hold the calendar tilted up if I need to see the previous 6 months at a glance. 

The tree stamp set is called "Four Seasons"  Last year I got the idea to use  Flower Soft .  I think I will put some green on the July, August & September tree this year.  I can't remember why I didn't last year.

That's all folks.
I will have to get back to work in my scrap room so I can post again.  I hope you will come back again and possibly leave a comment or two.  It really is quite discouraging to post artwork and think that no one appreciates it.

Thanks for tuning in.

Friday, December 30, 2011

More, but different, and Yes I am a copy cat.

I had a very inspiring comment on my last post, made me anxious to share more of what I have.  This is mostly little notebooks you can pick up at Michaels for $1.00, except when my dd dropped in to pick some up for me they were only $0.50. How cool is that?

This little notebook was a gift for my secret Santa at work.  Amazingly enough I was hers and she was mine.  I am still mad at her though as she was a much more giving Santa than I.  I will make it up to her throughout the year, tee hee.

Isn't this card just adorable?  I found the pattern in the latest CardMaker Magazine edition.  I really get some great ideas from that magazine.

Another gift to my Secret Santa, that isn't the right term for the receiver is it?   In this case it works as she was also my secret Santa.  Anyway, this was a little photo frame I made for her.  The back anyway.

This is the front of the frame.  I knew she had two boys that she brought to work with her everyday, come to find out she has a littler one at home. She can use the three places for each of the boys or not...

You will recognize this design if you follow Jeanette Lynton's  blog.  She posted one of these and I just had to make one.  I have it hanging in my foyer.  It was fun to make and I am thinking about another one with Live, Laugh and Love on it, in different papers, of course.  The Noel is a little hard to see in this photo.  There are some silver heat embossed snowflakes, some green on green and a few metallic snowflakes.  My sister bought a bag of "table scatters" at Crate & Barrel, but my other sister, who shares their home, didn't like them so I am the the lucky recipient.  

Another notebook with a bookmark.

Another notebook with no bookmark.

to make the bookmark I just used some left over paper with some card stock and a piece of the ribbon.

What you can't see is how I attach my ribbon, so cool.  You punch a hole with a big bite or whatever you have, then feed the end of the ribbon through the hole from inside, then go down the book or card, then up and back inside from the top, feed the other end into the hole and make sure there is one end on each side of the ribbon and then tie your knot.  It is there to stay.

Becky Roberts thought of this darling idea.  If you can, check out her blog, I have made her name a link to the page with how to make these shoes.  Oh my gosh.  I think they are so cute.  You may notice if you go there that her elf has polka dotted socks.  I didn't want to copy her exactly so I made striped socks.  I took a small piece of card stock and scored it (using my Martha Stewart Score Board) every 1/8 inch, then I cut each score mark and bent each other one away and then sponged my stripes.  Aren't I clever?

What can I say except it is a little off center.  Oh well.  I think I saw  something similar on Curt O'Brien's blog.  No I don't think I will ever be as good as Curt.  He is a perfectionist while I just like to play with paper.  When I got out my stamp set I found that I had saved a template for this tree in the pack.  Normally I would have done every other word in red and then green, but I guess I was in a hurry for something.  Anyway, you get the idea.

 I did see something similar to this on Curt's blog.  The Noel is on a piece of silver card stock, but to get the silver border on the card itself  I used Gina K's trick of  running the Versa Mark around the edge of the card and then embossing it using the silver EP.

This was copied from Vicki Wizniuk's blog.  I had the stocking cut from the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge for a while and it was just siting on my scrap table.  I thought this was a perfect way to use it.  Not so crazy about my glitter job on the stocking itself, but let me tell you about the border of the label.  It is a Nestability  label die  You know how they get that small embossed edge around them? Well, I very carefully used my glue pen, the one with the brush tip, not the ball point, and went around each section and then sprinkled the glitter, before I moved on to the next section.  By the way, this is the same die used to make the elf shoes.

I have some work to do today for one of my offices so I better get a move on.

As Always, thanks for tuning in.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Here is some more of what I have been working on for the past few months.

These are gift enclosure purses. I hesitate to use the words "gift card" as that implies a monetary card but they are little 3x3 gift cards.

I thought these would sell, but again I think it was too late in the year and overpriced.  What would you sell them for, or better yet, what would you pay for one of these?  There are 8 individual cards, obviously.

Sometimes I think I sound just like Sheldon of  The Big Bang Theory.  I am so sorry I didn't find that show SOONER!.  My dd, dh and I get the biggest kick out of that show.  Oh my gosh, if you like to laugh this show is for you.  Howard Wolowitz, George Castanza and Barney Fife, they have driven me crazy over the years.  George is from the Seinfeld show and Barney is from Andy Griffith, Howard is on the big bang theory. 

I really should go make myself some lunch. No one else is going to do it

Thanks again for tuning in.

a few more things

This is a book of cards.  I got the pattern for it years ago from Vicki Wizniuk.  She really is a creative wiz.  

This is the inside of the book

These are the cards in the book.  Remember All CASEd from Vicki.

There were 8 cards and envelopes altogether.  This was actually one of the items that sold at the arts and crafts fair we had at school.

Another box of note cards.  I got the idea from Lisa Stenz.   Another fine crafter.  Everything she makes is so elegant and (I hate to use the term perfect) but as close to perfection when it comes to crafting.  

These cards go with the box above it.  The cards can be turned either way  with the flower in the upper corner, the lower corner or with the stripe going down the side.  I picked up the flowers at Michaels, of course, and found that they can be colored with Copics to match your ink and papers.
These cards go with the box below it.  I still have trouble uploading photos to my blog.  It has gotten a lot faster, but not sure what order they should be posted in.

Another box of cards.  Sorry the lighting was so terrible.
Once again,  box of cards.  This one I gave to my sister for  a small gift.  This flower  and the next three are all colored with Copic Markers.

I don't know why I am dragging it out as I will get busy and forget to post the rest.  Check back for more.

Thanks for tuning in.