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Monday, May 25, 2009

Essentials - for a fun wedding

I know what you are thinking . . . Here we go again. I promise I won't tell the entire story about the wedding over again.
Let me tell you about this layout. I used Imagine - one of Close to my Heart's how-to layout books called Sideline Surprise. It makes layouts so VERY VERY EASY. In fact, that is our mission. We show you how to celebrate relationships through the art of scrapbooking and stamping. Faster. Simpler. Easier.
Back to my layouts - I love this layout pattern even though I usually mess up a couple photos before I get it right. Fortunately, I have others or I can use the photo in a different place or something. I just love how the photos on the sidelines are cut at an angle. I had so many of these photos that I wanted to use and this showcased them so well.
These are some of the things you need - essentials - for a wedding. Ash & Alan's was just a fun one. Becky, the other mother-in-law, and I worked together separately to put together everything needed. You know like linens and favors and guest book, memory box, punch fountain, arch, floral arrangements, etc. . . The wedding was small and fun. Yes, I know I have said it before. Just humor me, please. Anyway, I purchased a guest book and decorated the front of it. I purchased the Memory Box by Martha Stewart. I decorated the inside and the outside of it. It looks very similar to the guest book. I just took ten minutes to see if I could find the original photo and be able to tell you who I got the idea for the memory box from, but no luck. I looked through 3 flash drives and a cd and couldn't find it. Anyway, Ash carried a bouquet of blue roses and the girls wore blue dresses that match our moonstruck color perfectly. We had bubbles and I made over 90 clippy boards for the guests.
Ashley and Alan chose the cake and the topper. That's the Question from Batman - The Dark Knight or something. I'm not familiar with it myself and Supergirl. Tell me that lady didn't have a challenge on her hands with that cake and she rose to the challenge very well, I'd say. My brother-in-law tied the sashes on the chairs. Four of my sisters and my brother-in-law catered the wedding. Becky and her other daughter in law got the arch and decorated it. I don't have photos of it here, but it is very prominent in most of the wedding photos. I'd say between the two mother-in-laws everything essential was there.
I used sparkles and this really neat sticker pack from Flower Soft. It is silver strips and corners. You can see it if you look closely at the blue rose, the word essentials and the words for a fun wedding. If you want to see the silver stuff you need to click on a photo to get a close up of it.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. It is beautiful Leslie! I love that blue.

  2. Beautiful layout! I enlarged the photos, too, to get a get a good look. My son's wedding is less than four months away, and we're in full planning mode. Worked on the guest list this weekend. I need to come up with a design for the invitations. Lots to do! Fun!!

  3. great layout and I love the wedgewood blue colour.janex