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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gift for friend who just had a baby

This is the pizza box front.

My daughter's best friend growing up just had a baby girl. My youngest is 16 so I am not into the baby scene any longer and didn't know what to give or get her so I decided on cards. What else would I think of since I love making cards so much? I got the recipe for a pizza box and had to make it. Here is the pizza box and 4 cards. I made two cards with primary colors using Animal Crackers and two with pastels using Sweet Pea. I can't decide if I should make 4 envelopes to go with the cards or just make a few more cards.

My daughter doesn't want any children and I am happy about that. My husband and I didn't want children and didn't have any for 10 years, but when the Lord tells you you want children, there isn't anything you can do about it. I thought I would want one, maybe two. Ha ha. The Lord wanted us to have three and we do. I remember BC when we had all the money we NEEDED, maybe not all we wanted, but we didn't need anything. We could pick up and go where we wanted at a moment's notice. That is where my daughter is right now. Who knows what the future will be?
I have several more cards to post and then several more to make, but I think I will call it quits for tonight since two of my favorite shows are on and this is probably the end of the season. I have to have my Mark Harmon fix with NCIS and then The Mentalist is on. I think it is a cute show the way Patrick Jayne solves the mystery by paying attention to details. Do you ever watch a show and predict what is about to happen? My husband kept doing that last week and last night while we were watching 24. I sure hope Olivia gets it!!! She is such a witch!!!!
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. OMG!! I have been hooked on 24 Olivia got it. I think there is more 24 to come!! By the way the cards AWSOME as always!! Tisela

  2. Cute cards!! They'll make for a great gift!