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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

gathering goodies - which tray would you use?

I want to thank Suzie Lay, a fellow CTMH consultant, for the idea for these gathering goodies. Suzie gave me permission to post these photos since she was the one who had the idea originally. I was so impressed I duplicated them.

These will be used at my next few gatherings as incentives or thank yous for placing an order. I took photos of them in the 6x6 tray and also in the 8x8 tray. Which one would you use? I am leaning toward the 8x8 even though it isn't as full as the 6x6, but you can see them all better and will be better able to choose the one you want, right?
The top two photos are the 8x8 tray and the bottom two are the 6x6. The middle photo is so you can see what they look like not all jumbled up. I still have about 11 more that I need to get baggies for so by then I would definitely need the bigger tray. Okay, I just talked myself into the 8x8. Maybe I'll interest someone in the Magic Moments paper packets.
Thanks again Suzie for the idea.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. First, I think I'd use the 8x8-inch tray. When I saw your post, I realized I had yet to take look at the newest incentive set. It's really sweet and really made for some cute incentive/thank you gifts.

  2. While I like the bigger tray...I think you see more paper on the smaller one....So I am leaning towards the smaller one as I like the paper and I can see more of the pattern. You can always refill LOL.
    They are both really cute and a great idea!!!!

  3. Hmm. I think the smaller one - no, wait, maybe the bigger one - oh, I don't know! Why do you ask hard questions?

    I love the incentive gift bags - these are very sweet and will get snatched up in a hurry!

  4. I like the way that you have them all layed out on the 8x8 tray. But, any way you do it, your customers are going to love it :)

  5. This is SUPER CUTE and what a fabulous idea!! Such a fun way to give a special "treat" to gathering attendees and customers!!
    BTW.....I love your blog and your gorgeous creations. ;-)

  6. Great way to show off the treats! I like the bigger tray 'cause you can see what's in the packages better...great blog, I'll visit often! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog--Have a great week!