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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Comment band wagon

Curt of Curt's World is asking everyone to consider how you have comment settings for your blog. I have just changed mine to hopefully make it easier for people to leave a kind word. Check out what he has to say. I copied alot of it here, but it isn't the same as reading it from his site. While you are there check out some of his great artwork and photography. Those big dogs of his look like great snugglers.

Here is part of what Curt says...
" ...a movement that is going on in the blogging world of card makers. It is the subject of how everyone has their comments settings set for their blogs.

As we visit our favorite people's blogs, we are asked to jump through hoops (sometimes many) just to leave a comment on a blog. First you have the word verification, then some have it set when you leave a comment and hit submit it takes you to another window where you have to do word verification and then click another button just to leave your comment. Then there are others that you have to scroll down past all comments before you get to leave your comment. This is very time consuming, and I personally feel that if our visitors are kind enough to want to leave us a comment, we shouldn't make them work so hard to do it.

On some blogs that are joining this movement, some folks are stating that they will no longer leave comments on those blogs that make them jump through these hoops. I don't subscribe to being that over the top. I'll leave a comment on everyone's blog no matter what. But I would like to ask that you at least think about changing your settings so that you can make it easier for people to leave you comments. Here is what I have done (have for a while now) and these settings make it the easiest for people to leave comments while giving you complete control:

1. Click on "customize" at the top of your blog (in Blogger).

2. Click on the "settings" tab.

3. In settings, click on the "comment" tab.

4. Look for "Show Word Verification" make sure "no" is checked.

5. Look for "Comment Form Placement" and click "pop-up window".

6. Look for "Comment Moderation" and click "always". Then make sure you enter your email address in the box provided so that you are notified when there are new comments waiting to be approved.

7. Click save settings.

It is so simple to do. I changed mine a few months ago, and I've had absolutely no problems. The annoying posts that idiots try to leave can easily be rejected when you moderate your comments. The advantage to the pop-up window is that it allows the commenter to see your post or scroll to a place in your post without having to come back to the comment window. This makes it easy for them to comment while looking at what they are commenting on."

I agree with Curt and the others that are following this movement, therefore I have changed my comment access. As I told Curt, comments are like warm fuzzies to me. I certainly don't want it to be a chore for anyone to leave a comment. When I get to a blog that I have to complete a form in order to leave a comment I usually don't take the time as I am usually whipping through while waiting for a download or a report to print or some other work related task.

The age of technology...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A thank you gift


Remember my secret Santa? She was so very good to me. Even though we were only to spend no more than $4 each day and $20 on the last day, the gift card to Michael's alone was $25.00 and there were 4 or 5 other gifts so I decided to make her a little gift as my thanks. She is a real sweetheart too so it is easy to do.

Besides, I had this little tin sitting there on my scrap desk just begging to be filled and covered. I made 8 little circle cards. No real pattern in mind, just what came to me while I was sitting there. There are a few I really like and others - well, not so much. The only part of the tin I couldn't cover with paper is where the lid closes over the tin. Ya know what - "Oh well!" You can't see it until you open the lid and then you see the cards and don't even notice that other thing - grins - .

To make the circles I used my Nesties, made two complete circles, I scored the back one at a half inch and glued just that part to the front.
I used my Grace paper pack, my new Topstitch paper pack, Perfect Day, & Bella paper packs. Lots of sparkles, at least on some.
Thanks for tuning in.

Been wanting to try this

I saw this style of gift card holder in CardMaker Magazine by Melony Bradley and have wanted to try it for awhile. There are quite a few different designs for gift card holders out there. This one just happened to be there when I needed it.
I had been kicking around this idea as I wasn't able to do as much for my children this year as I would have liked, since I was only employed part-time for most of the year. Obviously I do a lot for my children during the year also, which is the reason for this gift. My Princess, Casey, is a college student who was working full time and bringing in decent money for her age. She had health insurance and was able to keep an A Average in her studies. Somewhere around August or October Abercrombie decided to close the store she was working in. So she was out of work. The district manager, regional manager and the store manager all wanted to keep her in the company so she worked part time until her position opened up and Thank you, God, she is working full-time again. Anyway, during her downtime when I saw her checking account getting low I would put money in it for her. Fortunately, her account is linked to mine since she is a college student. She is very conscientious about finances and I know that this is weighing on her as she is trying to get back on her feet and her car needs some, hopefully, minor repairs.
I used the new paper from Close to my Heart called Topstitch. I am not crazy aobut this card, but it serves the purpose so there...
I have another post to enter tonight so stay tuned.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oh Sadness - time to give it to it's rightful owner

I have to give it up now.

I am done with all the layouts for my daughter, Ashley, & son-in-law, Alan's family album. A few of the layouts are interactive and once they are in the book the only way to get them out is to open the spine and take the page protector out of the book. Some of you may remember the 2008 layout with the doors on it. I finally cut through the page protector to let the doors open. You don't have to pull the layout out to open them any longer. This layout uses the Emporium paper packet. It was designed by my up-up-line, Sherri Tozzi.
I did the same type of thing with the wedding program. Because it has information on all sides I couldn't just adhere it, I sewed it onto the page. Then I cut a slit in the page protector and slipped the program through the slit. I punched small circles at both ends of where I was going to cut the slit before I cut it to keep it from tearing. A trick I learned from a Close To My Heart Webisode of Art & Soul.
The BRIGHT blue and BRIGHT green layout is awful, I know, but when trying to match the electric blue of Ash and Alan's shirts, what else could I do? I tried to tone it down with the chocolate card stock and the checked B&T from Twitterpated. The photo shoot was such a neat idea. This is Alan's mom, Becky, and dad, Eric, twin brothers Jeremy and Jeffrey, and their wives, Natalie and Kylee with children. I don't know the older two, but the youngest is Bailey. If you click on the top photo you can get a better look. Yes , that is her real hair and it has looked like that from day 1, from what I have been told. It was like that last November at the wedding. I am wondering if her little brother, not on the scene yet, will have the same hair.
Anyway, I am letting Ash & Alan take the album home with them tomorrow when they come over for Christmas lunch. I probably should have given it to them a long time ago, but I kept working on layouts in my free time.
Thanks for tuning in.
Hope your Christmas is all that you hope for.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

free digi images

Who doesn't love freebies? Karen over at Karen's Doodles has a challenge for us. Spread the word and get people to sign on as followers and if she reaches 200 followers by Jan 1 she will post 2 freebies and if she reaches 300 she will post 3 freebies. Karen's doodles are probably my favorite of all the digital images out there. Her art is my style.
In fact, this is Bigsby - her first digi. Isn't he just the cutest!?! She posted another Free Bigsby the other day. I have colored him, but I haven't put him on a card yet.
I hope you will help Karen reach her goal and help yourself to a freebie or two while you are at it.
Thanks for tuning in.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank you cards for Christmas gifts

Yup, you guessed it, I have made thank you cards using the silver card stock. I noticed that one card I didn't use any silver. Do you notice how hard it is to photograph silver without being in each photo?
You know something funny about blogger - used to be it took F O R E V E R to upload photos so I started uploading them one at a time, now they are so quick that I barely get a word typed and the photo is there. I just love this electronic age. Except, of course, when my husband gets on the computer. My son and I try to find something to do in different parts of the house - grins - .
Anyway I thought I would get my thank you cards done and move on to cleaning and baking. I still have a tin of cards to make for my secret Santa. She was so good to me. I can't even tell you all the different goodies she gave me. I found these darling round tins at Walgreen's for $0.50 each so I covered one and am making little circle cards for her. I am using our Grace paper pack. The tin came out beautifully with the paper and some ribbon around the top. It may take me a while to finish the cards but once I do you know I will be sure to post them.
I am craving sugar cookies as Karen Pedersen posted her cookies and recipe on her blog. Check it out. Also another blogger friend, Jane at Scrappy-Gram's Designs made some delicious Pecan Praline Crunch and posted the recipe that I have to try. I am pretty sure I can pick up the Savannah Cinnamon Co. Southern Praline Mix at the World Market today. If not I may be a disappointed shopper today. We'll see. I can always order it online if I don't find it.
Thanks for tuning in.
Have a merry and blessed Christmas!
With love to all my blogger friends.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

CTMH Stampers

I was in Michael's today and found something I have been wishing for. It is an acrylic block 1.75x1.75 and it was only $1.00.

Sometimes when I am stamping I think my 2x2 is just a little too big and the corners and sides get ink on them and the 1x1 is a little too small. These blocks were in the $1.00 bins and they have a rubber stamp on them. No biggie, it comes right off and you just clean it with an adhesive remover if necessary. Then you have that perfect in between size. I bought several of them for my upline and sideline and myself.

What a great find.

Thanks for tuning in.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What does it need?

I just got in some embossing folders from Cut@Home and had to try them out.
This silver card stock was free. We have what is called the Teacher's Supply Depot that anyone from the public schools here in Jax can go to and get items for free. The items are donated by businesses that are upgrading their offices or getting rid of old stock or what have you and I picked up 10 sheets of this silver card stock. I should have gotten 100. Each sheet is 31x19. We can go in once a month. The next time is Jan 7th. I can't wait to go again and see if I can get more of this.

Anyway, what do you think of the cards? I tried a little white bow but didn't like it. Should I put a sentiment on it or some more sparkles up in one of the corners? What about ribbon? I think these cards are really pretty. I know that is strange coming from me. I rarely ever like anything I make.

Thanks for tuning in.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

More of the same

I guess you will notice that I really like this design. I saw this design by Candida Roberts. I didn't remember she was the designer, but that is what I have as the name on the card so I guess that is the designer. The last batch of cards were rectangular, and these are square. I love the border stamp that came with the stamp set Just for the Holidays. I thought it made a nice frame for the sentiment inside the cards. Even though we had Secret Santa last week I am going to give these to the "Office Chicks". Did I tell you about that? There are 6 ladies in the office staff, counting myself and one day when we were singing to the principal for her birthday someone coined the phrase Office Chicks so we now have shirts that declare us as such. Used to be we would be offended by being called a chick.
Wednesday is my little princess's 22nd birthday and I made her a card, put it in the envelope and sealed it before I thought to take a picture. I used the birthday bash paper and made it as tacky as I could get it. I think she will think it is funny. Maybe she will take a picture and send it to me.
I have heard two women say that they were going into the hospital to be induced this week and it made me think of when princess Casey was born. My doctor didn't want me to miss Christmas with my family as I had a three year old at home so he scheduled an induction. When I went in to labor on my due date, the hospital didn't want to admit me, they just kept telling me that I was to be induced on Monday. I had to tell them that I knew I was to be induced, but the baby didn't know that. She was ready, it was her due date for heaven sake.

It is late and 5:30 rolls around pretty early. Thanks for looking at more of the same. - grins -

Sunday, December 6, 2009

4th and final for the night

I just had to show you the box for the cards. The original design is Vicki Wizniuk's - she is a Wiz at designing boxes and lots of different templates. I modified this one just a bit. Usually the cards sit in the folder/holder sideways. They are still in the same direction, just the holder is turned on end. Also usually there are holders on both sides of the folder. I only made 6 this time. I am not sure my sister will care for these so I didn't make too many. I figure if she isn't crazy about them she can regift them. Does this make sense? I think I am over tired and just need to get to bed. I have amazed myself at how much I got accomplished this weekend.

Speaking of re-gifting - my friend and upline bought the Scor-Pal for my birthday. I love it. It is what I have wanted for a very long time. That was in October, just this past month we went to Michael's and she found a scoring board by Martha Stewart that is out of this world. It has score lines galore and a piece that slides under for doing envelopes and diagonal scores. I really really want that one now that I have seen it. She even told me I could regift the Scor Pal. What to do, what to doooooo!!!!!

Goodnight all. Thanks for tuning in,