That's Me

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Long Time No See

Hi folks,
Looks like I have been away for an entire year, Oh My!

Sorry, I guess I have been busy, but I don't know with what.  

I wanted to share some cards that I have made over the past year, starting with my most recent.  As always I get my inspiration for my cards from seeing other people's cards.  I mostly hang out on Pinterest and am hoping once I get this blog post completed I can also add them to my Pinterest page.

My daughter needed a card for a friend's wedding.  The colors were sky blue, pale pink and an ocean blue.  This is what I came up with

This was a sympathy card for a friend whose aunt passed away.  He loved the card,thought I bought it.

This card was for a friend who was retiring.  My husband had a cake made for her and he came up with the design.

My friend received a card while she was in the hospital that had "A Monster Hug For You" on the front of it.She asked if I could make something similar. The inside of this card can be seen below.  I decided to make a tri-fold out of the design so it would stand up and you could see the hug.  She said being groggy after surgery the monster hug really stood out to her.  

This is for a friend at work who never feels appreciated.  She works nights and weekends as well as her 8 hours a day because the other woman in the office only shows up when she wants to.  She could put in her 8 hours and go home, but then the work doesn't get done and she apparently is the only one who cares as her boss just continues to load more on her and NEVER a word of thanks.

Here is what I consider a masculine type card.  Also a monster hug card.  See the inside of the trifold below.  After I took the photo I went around the monster with a fine point sharpie and added black dots  so he would stand out.  I used the gorgeous grunge stamp set from Stampin' Up.  Love that set.

Well Folks, as always, Thanks for tuning in.  Hope to be back soon with some more.