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Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School

Have I been busy, lazy or just not enough energy.  The correct response is: All of the above!!!!!

On September 19 I will be hosting a crop at Michaels. The theme is Summer/Back to School.  If you live close by you can join us.

I put together this layout of my girls going back to school.  Several things give away the fact that these are not current photos.  Like the fact that the girls are wearing hoodies, I put their full names on their backpacks, and both the house is brick and the school building is brick.  These photos were taken in 1993 when my baby girl was starting kindergarten and my oldest was going into second grade.  Mind you, both girls are at university.  One will finish her major after this semester and the other has another year to go.
In 1993 we lived in Martinsville, VA where you could put first and last name on a book bag and not worry about your child's safety.  Ash & Case were going to Druid Hills ES, one of three in the city (and I use that term loosely).  It was already cool in the mornings so they wore hoodies.
I have to tell you a funny story about this small town.  The middle school was across the street from the public library and my then 12 year old would go there in the afternoons and her dad would pick her up from there or I would on my way home from work.  One Thursday Ash's dad ran into the library and was looking all over for her.  He caught the eye of one of the librarians and asked if he had seen Ash.  Dad was told, "It's Thursday, she has piano lessons on Thursday."   My husband owned his own business as a dental technician for 21 years.  If one of his doctors was trying to reach him and couldn't find him at the lab, they would call the library and ask if he was there.  This was before Cell Phones had come into use.
Do you know what the name of the 7th dwarf is?  I called the librarian and asked, without stopping to think he said, "Bashful". He was right, that was the one we couldn't remember.  This was a wonderful small town.  Too bad they sent all the textiles to Mexico and the furniture to China.  
This layout is called One Way Mirror from CTMH Magic How-To Book.  The paper is from EKSuccess.  It is a kit with about 12 papers and two sheets of stickers and an alphabet sheet.  This would not have been my first choice, but I have to use items that can be purchased at Michaels.  The last two kits I bought from Michaels I was not impressed with as the papers were so terribly thin.  This time the papers were somewhere between CTMH Background and Texture paper and cardstock.  Although CTMH is now making their B&T papers the thickness of cardstock.  I haven't had a chance to buy any of the new stuff yet, but am hopeful that this month I will have a little extra money left over after all the bills are paid.
I hope I will find time to post more often than once a month.
Thanks for tuning in.