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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

birthday cards

I love CardMaker magazine. It has wonderful cards that can be copied or a jumping off point for a design of your own. I copy. These cards are based on a card designed by Suzanne Dean called Sweet Peas in the March 2010 issue. This stamp set is called Enjoy Every Moment by CTMH. I think it might be one of my favorites. These flowers are beautiful and they are fun to color.
I will have to check the calendar at work, but I know there are at least two birthdays coming up and maybe more.
Thanks for tuning in.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

more file folder note pads

These are fun, quick, easy and inexpensive to make. They probably cost around $1 to make. The file folder cost $0.25 each, the note pads were less than $0.50 each, a little piece of ribbon, a couple strands of tacky tape, a velcro dot, a three inch piece of hemp, oh I almost forgot a rub-on on the tag.
I took two with me yesterday to the Michelle Zindorf workshop. Just to say thank you to the lady hosting the workshop and Michelle for coming to Jacksonville. Did I already tell you this? I got that deja vu feeling while I was typing so I may have already told you about them.
Well it is late on a Sunday night and I have to be up early so I am going to say good night.
Thanks for tuning in. Good Night

Michelle Zindorf Workshop cards

Woo hoo!!!!!

I got to sit at the feet of the Master Brayer, Michelle Zindorf. Truly nice lady. The workshop was three hours long, not nearly long enough. The one I attended was her beginner's workshop. She was hosting an advanced workshop today, but, sigh, I didn't sign up when I should have. In fact, the only reason I got in at all was earlier this week she had a cancellation and I happened to notice online and immediately claimed it. There we 10 ladies in my group and there must have been 10 in the earlier group. Several ladies came from, not just miles away, but hours away. One from Palm Beach which I know is 4 plus hours, as I used to live down there, and several ladies came from Tallahassee which is three hours away. I got my first Stampin' Up stamp set.

These are the beautiful cards I made. The reason there are two of the last one is because she does a drawing and that lucky lady gets the card she has just made. She even signed it. I think it would be nice to mat it and put it on a little picture stand in my scrap room. I am not even going to point out all my mistakes. You can see them for yourself. I do know they are there, but couldn't help sharing anyway.

I wish I had time to play, but I have to finish a layout for a gathering tomorrow night make some hostess gifts and it is already 6:30. Off to get some scrappin' done

Thanks for tuning in.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

invitation copied right from Karen Pedersen

Last week Karen posted an invitation or reminder about a meeting and I thought it was perfect for my needs so I copied it. Use the link to check out Karen's and see how closely I kept to hers. She used hearts, I used our new flower set, Enjoy Every Moment. Isn't it beautiful? Both the invitation and the flower. I love the elegant look of the flowers and the elegant look of the invitation. What can I say? I am quite pleased with it.
There are two other flowers that come in the stamp set one is more of a weed like dandelions and the other is not so elegant, but just as pretty.
I thought I would be in bed early tonight. I better get a move on.
You will never in a million years guess what I am doing this weekend. Do you give up? I am so excited I can hardly spit it out - I am going to a Michelle Zindorf Workshop. Yup yup, isn't that exciting? She is going to be in town for the weekend and believe it or not, just 15 minutes from my house. That is quite remarkable considering Jacksonville is the largest city in the US - area wise. Do not for one minute think that I will be able to create the beautiful work that Michelle puts out, but I may learn some new techniques. woo hoo!!!! If you aren't familiar with her work click on her name and take a gander at her beautiful artwork.

Thanks for tuning in.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

file folder notepads

Did you see the tutorial from SCS - Split Coast Stampers? Too cool. I made three of them today in just a short amount of time. They really are quick and easy. Well, I shouldn't really say easy because the first three attempts I got them backwards. The flap is supposed to be on the right side as it is on this one for Jill. See the tag hanging from the ribbon?
Check out the tutorial on SCS. My first two are a little too large. The tut calls for using a colorful file folder. Michael's has them 4 for $1.00 in their dollar bin. I wish I had gotten them when I saw the Mary Engelbreit folders. Then you need the junior legal pads 5X8", a piece of ribbon and a spot of velcro.
The score lines in the tut are half inch apart, but I find that 3/8" worked better for me. The dimensions leave a good half inch to an inch on either side of the pad of paper and I felt it was a little too much so I cut them down just a bit. See the difference on the sides of the note pads. Almost an inch on each side of the ones for Faye and Sharon. The bottom fold is supposed to be 3 and 1/8 high, I made mine about 3 and 3/8. It may just be that my folders were larger than the ones used in the tut. Another thing that was unusual about the red flowered folders is the center score line there were 4 lines already on it. On the lavender folders, there was only one center score line. I didn't want to put too much into embellishing them as most of them will be carried in purses and the paper flowers don't travel too well. I used parts of the file that I cut off to make the tags. I punched a square, rounded the corners and then punched a circle and used rub ons for the names.
I hope you will play around with them and post what you come up with.
Thanks for tuning in.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

card for Nephew

I am finally getting my nephew's wedding present packed to go in the mail and made this very simple card to go with it. I bought a punch at Michael's that has three flowers and three small bits that can go in the center of the flowers. You can see the flowers that are made with the punch in the upper corner of the card. Would you believe I struggled with this card. I have lots of magazines that I could get ideas from and I visit hundreds of blogs and could get ideas from those, but then I sit down at my scrap desk and start thinking. I'll pull out this paper and try that idea and then pull out something different and try that idea. I had some chipboard letters that I used some embossing powder on and didn't like those, so I covered them in the sweet leaf card stock and didn't like that. I was going to put a diagonal stripe across it, but didn't like that either. Do you usually have an idea before you get started?
Must be tired.
Thanks for tuning in.

computer crashed, health issues etc...

Hi all, I know I haven't had much to say lately or show you. I haven't really created much. I have been busy with work and not feeling well, lots of medical issues right now.
My computer crashed and without thinking I indiscriminately wiped it clean. Not sure all that I have lost yet.
I am sure you don't want all the details of my health so I will just share the high points. Can there be high points to health. Then again they are not really the high, but the low points. After a year of not seeing the doctor I find that I am having issues with my thyroid. Apparently, I have a nodule that needs to be seen by a specialist. My bronchitis has subsided, but I am still coughing somewhat and only somewhat because it hurts too badly to cough, breathe, sneeze or even move. Did I mention breathe? I have what is called costochondritis. I probably say ooowwww 1000 or more times a day. It is some kind of inflammation around or near the ribs.
I have lots to do this weekend and once I get done with all the busy work I may go into my scrap room and play. I was trying to get goodies made for the teachers and faculty at the school only to realize there are over 80 people I need to make goodies for. I am halfway through with them so what do I do with them? I have to finish them and take them to school on Tuesday. Woo hoo I have Monday off.
I have to pack up some things and get them to the UPS or PO, I have some taxes to get filed. My daughter and her boyfriend are most anxious to get their taxes filed as they are both hoping to get money back.
No rest for the weary they say. I find that I am going to have to cut back on my activities in order to restore my health. Sometime soon.
One last thing I need to mention. I don't like the way I have my comments set up. I get too much spam and think that might be part of why my computer crashed so I am going back to the old way of comment moderation. To be perfectly honest I just wasn't paying attention and my anti-virus software expired and I was too lazy to take notice and reinstall it. My own doggone fault.
Sorry folks, I hope that won't deter everyone from leaving comments.
I haven't reloaded any of what I saved to my flash drive so I don't even have my live signature. I have to take the time to scan the flash drive before I can upload anything.
Thanks for tuning in. I hope all my blogging buddies are well and will be checking in soon.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

another Bigsby birthday card

I just noticed that there are a lot of birthdays in February. My own son turns 17 next week. No, this card isn't for him. This is for a friend who was a Close To My Heart Consultant. I don't know what it is about Bigsby that brings out the colorful in me. Each time I make a card with him I find that I use primary colors. This paper is Close to My Heart's Birthday Bash, long ago retired. I don't bring it out too often.
Bigsby is one of Karen's Doodles. In fact, he was the first of her precious character images that she shared with anyone. My friend and Karen's friend, Dawn, over at Dawn's Craft Place introduced me to Karen and Bigsby. I hope you will check out her blog. There are a lot of bloggers that post and sell digital images. Karen's style really speaks to me.
Have you ever used a digital image? Don't get me wrong, I love my Close to my Heart acrylic stamps, but there is something about digital images that can't be beat. You can make them any size you want, you can flip them, you can mirror them. Try them, you will be glad you did.
Thanks for tuning in.