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Saturday, December 29, 2012

gift for my daughter

My daughter had been leaving her fingernail polish on the kitchen table and the coffee table so I thought I would do with the nail polish what I have done with my re-inkers.  I used card-stock and made rows to hold the bottles.  In this case it is some, but not all, of her nail polish bottles.  I would need the other half of the Snapware container, that I just purchased for more re-inkers, to fit all of her nail polish bottles. There are about 75 in the container now and you can see from the bag on top of the container that there are plenty more to go.

The top snaps into place and multiple layers connect one layer could hold all the tools she uses, like files and cuticle clippers etc...
I have three layers for my re-inkers, my Stickles, my embossing powders etc...

Any way, I just thought I would share my little morning project.

Thanks for tuning in.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas one and all

My daughter chose a 4.5 foot tree and has 150 ornaments on it.  If it were up to me, I wouldn't have a tree.  I have 12 bins of ornaments up in the attic.  WAY TOO MUCH TROUBLE. 

Best wishes for 2013.

Thanks for tuning in.  Hope to have lots to share in the new year.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

glue dots and gloobers

Hi all, sorry I haven't posted in awhile, been busy, sick or had no mojo.  I just posted this on facebook, but thought I would do a post here too.  Wanted to show off my glue dots.  I make my own using Aleene's TACK-IT over and over.  This is not an add for her product.  Just a helpful hint.  I use the "paper" that comes wrapped around my ATG tapes and just touch the tip of the bottle to it in rows, making some large, some small and even some tiny ones.  This takes about 30 minutes to an hour to dry.  Gloobers actually take about a day to dry, but this is so much more economical than buying them, if you can even find them - Gloobers, that is.  Are you asking yourself, "what are gloobers?"  They are the two inch round glue dots that you use to make a large flower with.  You get some ruffled ribbon or lace and glue it down in a spiral then top it off with a nice brad or button.  Wait a minute let me find one and get a photo.

Here's one.  Cool isn't it?  The camera washed out the yellow a little as this ribbon is a pretty and vibrant Clover Meadow green.  The button I love.  I found it among the buttons my aunt had been collecting.  After she passed away in May I was gifted with her collection -  Thank you, Aunt Ibby.  

Back to my glue dots, I use my paper piercer to pick them up and place them exactly where I want them.  They never dry out and only occasionally get a cat hair on them, no biggie.  Those of you who live with cats probably know what I am talking about.  Especially the cats who think when you aren't there they should be guarding your scrap desk.

Well, I hope I haven't bored you too badly.  I have to get back to gift making.  Got to get them in the mail soon.  It is the first of December - egads!!!!

Thanks for tuning in as always.  Comments and questions are appreciated.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

holiday wall hanging

 Here is a wall hanging that I started several years ago.  I finally completed the back of it today.  I want to take it to work and hang it on my office door.  To see others that I have made similar to this one check out my blog posts from 10/24/2010 and 11/21/2010.  I think the hardest thing about making these is finding the jump rings that go between the blocks

I think I used coasters for these and cut them down with a Nestabilities die.  I used Close to my Heart Passages  Paper pack for the THANKS and CTMH Mistletoe paper pack for JOYFUL.  You can't see it but I used the stardust gel pen to add sparkle and shine to Santa's beard, the tree on the Y, the snow on the house and tree on the O, and on the reindeer.

As always, thanks for tuning in.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chief Petty Officer Pinning Album

Chief Petty Officer Julian Yarde - Pinning Ceremony September 14, 2012
United States Naval Station Mayport Florida

This album was made for my friend, Jen Brown, she was my boss several years ago.  From day 1 she has believed in my abilities and that really means a great deal to me.

Her fiance' was promoted to CPO and she wanted to preserve those memories. I just hope that I have done her faith in me justice. Some of the photos aren't the best and "we" are blaming the Commanding Chief's cell phone camera.  Yet thankful that he was willing to take the photos and send them to her. 

Some of the photos are of their personal life and the beautiful couple they are and the love they share on this journey.  Going through the photos while loading them here I realized I missed at least one.  Jen brought the program from the Pinning ceremony to me, I stitched it onto the card stock base and then cut a slit through the page protector so it could be viewed in its entirety, but forgot to get the photo.  I left Jen & Julian lots of little journaling places to write about the details and thoughts and feelings about the photos.

Michael's made it easy to put this project together since they sell the album shown here.  It is genuine leather & expandable.  It comes with 10 sheet protectors.  I also found some great sticker sheets to go with the project. Some of the embellishments I made by hand, hopefully not too noticeable.

Please do not think I am in any way making fun of the military when I put "Chocolate Chief Cookie" as the title of one of the pages.  That is a pet name Jen has for Julian, as I believe he is a chocolate chip cookie monster, and she asked me to fit that into the album.  My husband served in the Navy over 35 years ago at the same naval station.  I have a deep love and gratitude for our military.  

The photo of the layout "You only live once" is actually a CTMH File Folder. It is made to fit the page protectors and you can use it to store certificates or report cards or plenty of other things.  For this one I put their hand written notes back and forth to each other while they were like "two ships passing in the night".

 As always, thanks for tuning in.  Your comments are appreciated much more than you can imagine.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My daughter needed a card for her friend's baby's birthday so I put this together quickly .

I hope this isn't too feminine

This one I saw on Kathleen Androlowicz website today.  She gave credit to the person's blog where she saw it first and also to the person who had made it before.  Later this afternoon while checking out Mark's Finest Papers Speedy TV, I think, I saw a tutorial for this same design.
My sister asked me to make some cards for my nephew, he's going to be away for awhile and thought he might like some cards that he can send home from time to time.  I tried to do more masculine cards, but I think I missed the mark.  What do you think?  I also tried to make them mail-able without a lot of hassle, you know single layer or without bling or brads.

What paper trimmer do you use?

Thanks for tuning in.