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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter

Hi, I am taking a quick trip to visit my sisters in central and south Florida tomorrow so I won't be on my blog for several days. I hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful Easter.

When I get back I will have several jobs to do. I am supposed to make baby shower invitations for everyone at work, two ladies want the box and album that I have made for wedding gifts and one bridal shower memento. Going to be very busy indeed.

Thanks for tuning in.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another sympathy card

One of the teacher's grandfather passed away last weekend so I made her a card. I copied it from my friend, Kathi, over at Kathi's Corner. Duh. . . That's where I get soooooooooooooo many of my ideas. I really like Kathi's creative artwork.
I made another project last night and tonight, I guess I can show it to you. I doubt seriously if anyone who is associated with the project knows who I am or checks out my blog. They might know me after they see these little jewels.

One of the ladies at work liked my lollipop cover that I made for Valentine's day and thought it would be cute to put the announcement in that her daughter is having twins. Isn't that just the cutest? The one thing I am not too sure about is the apostrophe. Does it or doesn't it belong? I would ask my daughter, the English major, but I am afraid she will tell me it doesn't belong and then I will have to change it. I will find out and if it doesn't belong I can always print more cards and cover the first one.
Another lady at work saw my two sympathy cards and said she would like to have me make some cards for her. At least my artwork is being noticed.
I had seen on someone's blog a set of cards that they made and made coordinating tags to go with the cards with pop dots on the backs of the tags so they could choose the sentiment and add it to the card. I don't remember whose blog, but I thought the idea was most clever.
Well, it is time to call it a night.
Thanks for tuning in.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

another birthday card and a sympathy card

So far I have been able to keep up with the birthdays at work. Yeah, I know it has only been one month's worth of birthdays. There are only 80 to 85 people in the school so hopefully I can do it. This is the last birthday of the month. I noticed several cards on the blogs that I blurf had leaning cakes too. I think it must have something to do with the cake stand and the wee neck. I will be extra careful when I use that stamp again. This striped paper is from a retired paper pack called Colors of Spring.

I need to get next month's calendar this week so I can get a jump start on April. One of the teachers, whose birthday is actually today, said I was the only person who acknowledged her birthday.

I am hoping to foster some good will and spirits to our school. There seems to be some "that's not my job" attitude. I sure hope with the budget crunch that we are going through that my spirit and attitude and work ethic shines through.

One of our paraprofessionals "teacher's aides" has been out for about a month with her mother in ICU. On Friday, her mother went home to be with the Lord, so this card if for her.

I really like this paper, it is called Veranda. It is very sweet and delicate looking. I think it makes great cards, but it doesn't lend itself to all types of photos for a layout.

I am going to curl up with a book for a half hour, then I have to go pick up my son at work. It is a somewhat cold, dreary, rainy day. If I can get my husband to do it I may just take a nap.

Thanks for tuning in.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

really nice blog candy over at Dawn's

I have this photo over on my side panel also, but check out this wonderful blog candy. But don't look too close cuz I want it for myself. Dawn over at Dawn's Craft Place is celebrating her 1 year anniversary. Silly girl doesn't realize she is supposed to get gifts not give them. Don't tell her though, then we won't get her candy. tee hee! There are some Stampin Bella Stamps. I have wanted those for so long. She is also giving away a monogram stamper. I want that TOO. I want it all. There are papers and ribbons and rub ons and buttons galore. Woo Hoo. Do you see the two Close To My Heart stamp sets? Oh my gosh. Those are really and truly the best stamps. Once you have tried a CTMH stamp you won't ever want any other kind. You ask me why, well, cuz you can't see through rubber like you can with CTMH clear My Acrylix stamps. You know before you put stamp to paper if you have good ink coverage. You know exactly where you are placing your image. You get a crisp clean image every time. You don't need one of the thingies to line up your stamp on your paper ever again.
Anyway, Dawn is hoping for 10,000 hits or 200 followers by her one year anniversary. Won't you go check it out. I tell you she is one great stamper. So creative you will love what you see. This is one very giving lady. Tell all your friends about this great blog and her awesome blog candy give away. But don't be disappointed if I get it all. Maybe I will share too - NOT!
Thanks for tuning in.

Piece of Cake

I really really like this stamp set. Oh wait a minute, I think I wrote that about the Enjoy Every Moment stamp set. But it is true, I really like this one too. No, my cake is not leaning to the right. It's not, just get that out of your head right now. It is perfectly fine. If I say it often enough you and I will both believe it. This card is for our media specialist at school. For most of you out there she would be the librarian. You know modern times. Everything has to be "New and Different". I was so tickled with this card that I gave it to her a week early. The colors are not your typical birthday colors, but what the heck.

I have tons of work to do for my offices this weekend and am hoping to get in some time in the scrap room. Of course if I do you will be the first to know. - grins -
Thanks for tuning in.

Monday, March 15, 2010

3 simple birthday cards

I am going to try to make birthday cards for the people at work. Hopefully there won't be too many each month so it doesn't get overwhelming. I guess you can tell that I really really like this stamp set. My favorite is the Cala Lillies. I forgot to use the gray shadow on this one, imagine how it would pop if I had.
I have some work yet to do tonight so I am going to keep this short and sweet.
Thanks for tuning in.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Update on Tiny

Thanks all for your well wishes on our newest family member. She is such a sweetheart.

Of course, George, our cat, doesn't think so at all. All 10 pounds of him has all 120+ pounds of her scared silly. I was at one end of the kitchen with Tiny at the other end of the room and George in between. There was NO way Tiny was going to walk past that cat. She'd try and then stop and turn around and come back and try again. I stood there and called and coaxed and did everything I could to get her to walk past that mean old man. Nothing doing. George is King of the Hill. Smug is what he is.
Thanks for tuning in.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

birthday card

I needed a birthday card last Friday, but didn't get it made until tonight. As you can see it is for my baby girl. What a terrible mother I am. I knew I wouldn't get together with her until this weekend so I can use that as my excuse, but I could have mailed it, I know that is what you are thinking. So yes, I am a terrible mother.
I hope she will appreciate the humor of the sentiment. When she was just a little tot we started buying books and didn't stop until she was in high school. We are all avid readers. Her first day of 4 year preschool she read the entire Berenstein Bears Go To School to her class. Her teacher wasn't sure what she would be able to teach her, since she already was reading on a third grade level. Seriously, we have crates of children's books in the attic, among them are many of the Robert Munsch books, including the one that this sentiment came from, Love You Forever. If you are not familiar with Robert Munsch, you should check out some of his books. Our first was Thomas' Snowsuit. That is one hilarious story.
Back to the card. This stamp set is Enjoy Every Moment. It is beautiful in black and white as well as when colored. I have to admit I am quite pleased with the coloring that I did on this one. The shading makes the flowers look 3D. Well, almost. It is late and I need my beauty sleep.
Thanks for tuning in.

Am I crazy or what?????

What in the world was I thinking?
Meet Tiny. Her name is Destiny, but we are going to call her Tiny as I don't want to make the neighbor angry by letting her think we named this big honking dog after her daughter.
A friend had 5 full grown Great Danes and had to find homes for 4 of them. My son has wanted a dog for years so here we are. Tiny may grown more as she is only 13 months old. I understand she has the potential of topping 130. She is considered a blue. Amazingly enough she and George, the cat, are the same color.
We took her to be groomed today. We need to find a crate as she is crate trained, but the crate we have is too small, it is only 48 inches and she needs the 54 inch. I don't want to have to pay big bucks for a new crate. This free dog is already costing money. I am checking on Craigslist to see if I can get a good price for a used one.
She is a very gentle dog. In fact, Great Danes are referred to as "Gentle Giants". She has never seen stairs before so will take some time getting them mastered. Being the floppy-limbed giant that she is, some stair treads get missed on her way up or down to the yard. We have had my son's friends trooping through the house last night and today as he is very proud of his "little" girl.
My son, Alec, was heading out for a while and just asked the dog for kisses, his buddy says, "why don't you just ask her to give you a bath?".
Here's hoping for a long healthy life with a gentle giant.
Thanks for tuning in.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

another wedding gift

Top cover of the box.
Side view of the box.
Front cover of the accordion album.
The other two inside pages

Two of the inside pages.

Back of the album
Inside of the back of the album.
This is the card to match the gift.

A lady I work with liked the box and album that I made for my nephew so much she asked me to make one for a friend's son and his soon to be bride. Her colors are tulip and gray wool.

This Silhouette paper is great for wedding albums. I sure hope that CTMH comes out with another great black & white paper packet since I understand this one is retiring.

Sorry I have been away so much and have not left any comments. I am still under the weather and thought I was giving up one of the offices that I had been working for, but found that isn't the case. I was really enjoying the fact that after a full day at the office I could come home and get comfy before jumping into my other work. I have always had a hard time saying no to anyone who has asked for my help.
The office where I worked had hired two women to do my job and neither one of them could do it. One woman spent an entire day in the office and as I understand it only got one thing accomplished, that was to print a check on actual check stock after numerous attempts at printing it on plain paper. Only to find that when I went in to the accounting program I could not find any record of the check. It is a good feeling to be needed.

Thanks for tuning in.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Looking for cards using Piece of Cake SOTM

I saw some beautiful cards suing the February Stamp of the Month. They were mostly black and white and I thought they looked so classy. I forgot to save photos so I could case them and now I don't remember who posted them. Does anyone remember seeing them? If you make them or remember seeing them. Tell me where. I have been waiting to get this stamp set and now that I have it I want to case those cards.

Thanks for tuning in.