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Friday, May 1, 2009

stumbled into . . . multiple windows popping up

I was checking out the artwork bulletin board on our Close to my Heart consultant website and somehow stumbled into the wrong room.

Someone was commenting about having this weird thing happen when they were blog hopping: all of a sudden these windows started popping up so fast she couldn't close them and had to reboot her computer. I had that happen too last week and I immediately wrote to my computer geek. I am so blessed to have this man taking care of my computers. Here is the conversation we had:

Hi, I had something occur that caused me to run Avast and when it was all done the report said there were files it couldn't scan. My only option was to close, nothing else I could do with it except scroll up and down it, but, of course, the file names didn't mean anything to me. To begin with I was opening some one's blog and all of a sudden the computer started opening tabs that I think most of them said, "blank". It looked like twenty or thirty of them opened and I had to keep hitting control, alt, delete. I thought I better run Avast as soon as I got everything off the screen but it said I had no problems, no viruses, just those files I couldn't scan. Any ideas?
-- Leslie Markland

The files you couldn’t scan are usually files that are encrypted or compressed. This is usually ok. As far as your multiple tabs that is a spyware/adware issue. Run superantispyware make sure you update it first before you run it. It should clear up that malware. Avast probably won’t catch it as its not a virus.
-- Chad

The superantispyware he mentioned is free although they do request donations if you are so inclined. Anyway I hope this helps.

Thanks for tuning in.


  1. That's bizarre--I had the same thing happen, but it was opening up new windows of the same webpage. I turned the computer off and when I restarted it was fine. I thought I had the worst virus ever...scared me!

  2. Oh that has happened to me before. I use Lavasoft Adaware to scan my computer. It's a pretty good program and can be downloaded for free