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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little Birdie

Here are some photos of my precious little parrotlet. His name is Stormy. He is so tiny compared to his cage. He is full grown at just around 4 inches. My husband keeps saying we should put him back in the smaller cage. He just has so much room to play in this one. I don't know. Isn't he cute. If you look closely just below the water bottle you can see a cat nose.
Anyway, you may recall I mentioned that second daughter will be moving out in another week or two and this is one of the reasons I will be doing the happy dance.
The main reason is that I feel good knowing we have raised a child who has graduated from high school, just received her A.S. degree on a full scholarship and is transferring to the University of North Florida on a 75% scholarship, works full time and is kind and loving and most of all a Christian. But back to the other reason for the happy dance. She has this CAT! Don't get me wrong we have always loved cats.
We have George, seen here doing what he does best - laying on our bed, who has been a member of the family since 1996. This makes him 117 in cat years. There is no cat more special than our George, but I stray again. The cat you see on top of and beside Stormy's cage is aptly named MONSTER. He lives in my daughter's bedroom. We don't want him harassing our George and he is only to be here for another few weeks. See what he does to my baby, Stormy? I don't really fear for Stormy, he has a bite that will take your finger off and can fly like a jet. Stormy THINKS he is a full size Amazonian parrot so that's why he can turn his back on the large furry thing, staring in at him, with no qualms. Stormy is a pastel parrotlet. He has dark blue on his wings tips and a purple spot on the center of his back under his wings. Just the most handsome fella. A friend and fellow CTMH consultant, Patti Russell, raises these little guys. Stormy moved into the penthouse when I lost my cockatiel, Sunshine seen here sitting on top of her cage. Isn't she the cutest little thing with that bright orange cheek? . Apparently, cockatiels get egg bound quite easily as both my sister and I have lost them that way. Talk about a sweet heart of a bird. Sunshine was that. She loved oatmeal and Saturday morning we had our time together eating oatmeal. I would fix the bowls and then bring Sunshine out and she would play around on the table and eat her oatmeal and eat my oatmeal and get her face so full I would have to wipe it for her. Otherwise it ended up all over the kitchen when she would shake it off. I miss my big girl. Well, she was big compared to this little guy.

Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. What a fun post! And, what a sweet little bird. As for your daughter leaving the nest, good for you! She sounds like a lovely young woman who is ready to spread her wings. No pets in my household. We lost our 16-year-old Springer Spaniel a couple of weeks after Bjorn was born five years ago, and Marv won't even entertain the idea of replacing her. Maybe someday ... Thanks for sharing the story of your pets. Helps your cyber friends get to know you better!