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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Little Black Boxes

Ladies, you must check out this website. Well, Okay, you should check out this website.
The Little Black Boxes website
I saw where Dawn had posted about this site and she was thrilled with her Little Black Box that she received in the mail so I checked it out. NEAT, NEAT, NEAT! It is for people with home businesses to show their wares and put their names out there for customers. Customers order the little black box and depending on what samples are in the store that month is what you get. If you check out the link Who's in the box and can see the advertisers and their crafts. I was sold immediately. I will let you know when my box comes in.
Off to get ready for work. Just a little part time thing I am doing until a real full time job comes available.
Thanks for tuning in.
P.S. Look I even got banner ads from Kimberlee to put on my blog. I am just too excited. My package is already being shipped. Woo Hoo!!

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  1. Very interesting! I bookmarked the site to thoroughly check it out later. It will be fun to see what you get, too!