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Monday, May 31, 2010

Odds & Ends

This one is designed by Connie McCotter, I found it in CardMaker Mag. July 2010. I guess you can tell I like making cards.

I am making the cards that I know I am going to need for year end. I just hope that the people I am making them for will like them.
I have some end of the month stuff I have to do for my accounts so I will sign off. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day. I thank God and each and every person who has served and is serving in our military for our safety.
Thanks for tuning in.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Odds & Ends

This is as exact a duplicate as I could manage from Kathi's Corner. Check it out and tell me if I did her justice? She makes the classiest cards. I want to be just like her and here is another of my many attempts over the years.
This one I copied from Maria Bell's blog. Another lady who does beautiful work.

This one is from CardMaker Mag. March 2010 by Tami Mayberry Loads of Love

I have to run out the door. Going Scrappin' with a couple of friends.
I have several cards to make for the end of the year: Retirement, Best Wishes, Thank You's. I will be back.
Thanks for tuning in.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

thank you Paper Crafts Magazine

I had forgotten I had these magazines with great ideas in them. Woo hoo I am on a roll now. But. . . I have to put it all away for today. I am going to run down south and visit with my daughter for a little while and then it is home to get caught up with my accounts before I start back to work tomorrow.

The idea for this one came from page 90 of the May/June 2010 Paper Crafts Mag by Anabelle O'Malley. I like the green, yellow and blue together. It makes a sweet card. I don't often make this size card, but what the heck. I just used an envelope that I picked up at Wal Mart for paying bills. Who pays bills anymore? That didn't come out right, what I meant was who mails out payments anymore? I do all mine online.

This one is from page 29 of the same magazine and it is by Nicole Thomas' design of Sketch 1 by Jessica Witty. Not too crazy about it, but someone may like it. I probably will use it for one of the staff members at school.

This one is based on Sketch 2 on page 23, it is actually the online bonus project by Julie Campbell. Not crazy about this one either. :-)

I have always wanted to use these trees on a card and this was my opportunity. I copied another online bonus project from page 40. This one is by Deb Rymer. I used 30 red sparkles. This card weighs a ton.
This one is found on page 43 of the magazine and it a design by Maile Belles. I got this stamp set last year. It is called Shore is Fun. The letters are the irresistible. The first time I have tried them and they are fun.
Thanks for tuning in.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

more of the same

Believe it or not the ribbon is not nearly as green i/r/l. You wouldn't believe how really off the color in the photo is. Karen Pedersen had mentioned to me that the Whoops a daisy papers are difficult to work with and she is right. I like this card and I know it looks just like the one I made a few days ago. When I find something that works I stick with it, as I am sure you have noticed over the past year or so since I have started this blog.
I am feeling the need to make cards. I have had numerous requests lately and I can always use more cards. This one is just for the heck of it. I like using these blossom blocks. Once I got them together I started to put them on plain Goldrush card stock and then decided to try the tone on tone for a background and kind of like the way this turned out.
I need to get back to it. Not only because I need more cards, but my husband brought home an audio book from the library that has my attention. It is called "The Shack". I will leave it at that for the time being. You will hear more later when I am done listening to it.
Thanks for tuning in.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

a thank you and a wishing you well

These were commissioned by the same lady. One is a thank you for a lady that is always baking cakes and sends them in to work with one of the teachers. I thought the cake was appropriate for the card. Hope they both will appreciate the card. The second one is for her to give a teacher that we know will be leaving at the end of the year.
I like the way the flower card turned out. The flowers were fun to cut out and the bright colors are so cheerful to me. There are a couple of sparkles that I think I will remove.

I made a card last night that I didn't post, in fact I didn't even take a photo of it. I really like to post my cards as a digital back up.
Thanks for tuning in. Oh look, my signature matches the font on the thank you card. How cool is that?

Monday, May 17, 2010

monochromatic sympathy card

Not crazy about this one, but it is almost bedtime.
Thanks for tuning in.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Rest of the Day's Work

I am trying to get caught up with cards that I will need for the rest of the month. I am just putting off my bookkeeping that I will need to do this afternoon. I guess I am tired cuz I can't think of a thing to tell you about these cards.
Thanks for tuning in.

All in a Day's Work

This is for a young man going into high school from middle school next year. He is the cadence caller for the schools band or something along those lines. I'm not sure if that is the drum major or what the correct term might be.

This card is for the principal, from one of the paras. Our teacher's aides are called paraprofessionals, for short para(s).

This card is for the AP from the same lady.

This card is from the office chicks to either P or AP. Same with the card below.

Here are a few cards I have made this weekend. Nothing to write home about, just can't help sharing. Three are commissions, the other two are for the office chicks to give to the principal and assistant principal (AP) for their generosity over the past week.
In honor of teacher appreciation week, the entire faculty and staff were treated to a breakfast of bagels, pastries and juices. Another day we were treated to a barbecue lunch and on Friday we were treated to decadent deserts, not to mention all the gifts that were given through a drawing during the week. The desert trays were set on rolling carts and drinks of tea and various soft drinks and the Principal, AP and I went door to door. Needless to say my entire day at work was non-existent. I had a meeting at District in the morning, I got back to school and sat down to eat as my blood sugar was very low and I was feeling quite shaky, then when I got back to my desk the deserts arrive and I was off again.
Remember the Tiny Girl Great Dane we adopted a couple months ago. I am sad to say we had to find her a home. She was too big for our house and yard. She had no place to run and romp. My son is working several nights a week, I am working several nights a week away from home as well as at home and my husbands hours have picked up again. He has always worked 12 or longer hours a day, with the hours increasing to 18 when things get behind. No one was home to be with her during the day, so we found a home for her with 5 acres of fenced yard, 3 other Great Danes, several horses and ducks, chickens, potbellied pig etc. . . She is totally in hog heaven. I am sure she slept well last night after her day of romping around with another dog her age and the horses, that she was thoroughly enchanted by.
I will sign off now to get some more work done.
Thanks for tuning in.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

simple thank you card

One of the teachers at my school gave each of the office chicks a tea set with mug, coaster and tray. It is a really sweet little set with the fine china mug that has butterflies on it. I just wanted to express my appreciation for the thought and gift.
Thanks for tuning in.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

couple of cards

Birthday card for a teacher.

I was supposed to make an elegant/sophisticated graduation card for a lady at work to give to her adult daughter who is graduating from college. I am not sure I accomplished my goal. I just hope she likes it. While trying to photograph the card I tried to move away from in front of the card to avoid reflection, but that too didn't work. I love the nestabilities dies and I love the silver cardstock. I'm just not sure it says elegant/sophisticated/classy. I will let her decide. She said she is making her daughter's dress and it is black with (I don't remember if it is rhinestones, sparkles or something else). Whatever it was she said made me think of putting sparkles on the card.
I will let you know tomorrow if she likes it or if it is back to the drawing board. Right now it is off to bed for me. I am especially sleepy tonight.
Thanks for tuning in.

album and box for the Powells

I stuck the tag here so the couple would know that I left the adhesive off the area so they can put a photo tucked in behind the flower.

I used teeny tiny pearls on the border flowers.

Sorry so fuzzy.

Another quick post as it is late and I just finished the gift. A few of the photos are kind of blurry, sorry about that. My husband was talking to me while I was getting the photos. This is all part of the package with the Luau rehearsal dinner favors. I sure hope the mother of the groom likes it. I hope the couple likes it also.
I overslept this morning so I need to jump in bed and cover up my head.
Thanks for tuning in.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

mission trip prayer requests

A friend is going on a mission trip this summer and asked if I could make her some tags to give out for prayer requests. She had one from last year that I used as an example to make these. Last year she went to Addis Ababa This year she is going to Dubai.
I am quite pleased with how the tags came out. I used some B&T paper that I got at a yard sale. I didn't have enough of any one color or pattern so I chose pale yellows and greens.
I hope she will like them. She is such a trusting friend that she stopped by my office at school and left a blank check with a copy of the tag from last year. I am thinking $0.25 a tag which comes to $25.00. I hope she will be alright with that. I will clear it with her before I actually fill in the blanks. - grins -
I have to get started on another box and album and hopefully get it done this weekend. I don't know, my husband thinks the children will be coming over tomorrow for Mother's Day. I will have to check with them later today.
Hope everyone has a great Mother's Day.
Thanks for tuning in.