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Sunday, July 1, 2012

My daughter needed a card for her friend's baby's birthday so I put this together quickly .

I hope this isn't too feminine

This one I saw on Kathleen Androlowicz website today.  She gave credit to the person's blog where she saw it first and also to the person who had made it before.  Later this afternoon while checking out Mark's Finest Papers Speedy TV, I think, I saw a tutorial for this same design.
My sister asked me to make some cards for my nephew, he's going to be away for awhile and thought he might like some cards that he can send home from time to time.  I tried to do more masculine cards, but I think I missed the mark.  What do you think?  I also tried to make them mail-able without a lot of hassle, you know single layer or without bling or brads.

What paper trimmer do you use?

Thanks for tuning in.

I need your advice on paper trimmers

Everyone I have ever met here in blogland has been very generous giving their advice or help.

I am so fed up with my Cutterpede paper trimmer.  It doesn't cut straight.

Please tell me what paper trimmer you use and why.   

On the Cutterpede it seems like if I use the bottom guides to cut it is even worse than the top guides.  I have a motto, measure twice and cut once.  Anyone who has ever worked around wood, or a carpenter has heard that before, I'm sure.  If I don't get the paper lined up and measure top and bottom  get an uneven cut.  Sometimes up to a 16th of an inch.

I like everything else about the Cutterpede paper trimmer though.  It measures and cuts 6 inches by the way you use the extension ruler, It has a roller blade rather than the small pointed blade that seems to go dull after each cut.  The roller blade lasts for years, you just replace the cutting mat.  It has lots of different cutting edges that are so very easily interchanged.  The board is divided into 1/4 inch squares so you get a closer measurement than the ones that only measure in half in increments. As a CSI - Certified Scrapbook Instructor for Michaels it is the paper trimmer recommended in the class workbook.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for any light you can shed on this problem I have.

Thanks for tuning in.