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Sunday, May 10, 2009

3X3 cards for sale

My sister has a friend who would like some of the 3x3 cards that I make. I am not sure if she wants to resell them or use them as gifts so I got the cards finished and will finish the purses today so I can get them in the mail someday next week. I am putting 8 cards and 8 envelope templates in each purse and charging $15.00. What do you think?

I really like some of these cards and will probably make more. I tried to hit some of the major occasions and some just becauses.

Our How-To card making books come with a template that can be printed on the computer but when printed the envelope says: "3X3 envelope template". How stupid is that? I will include the templates and the people who get them can either glue them together and use as is or use them to cut more envelopes and possibly use decorative papers.

I am off to make the purses to go with them. I will post those later.

It is later and here are the purses. Hope you like them.

Thanks for tuning in. Let me know what you think of my cards.


  1. these are really great! I think it's a great idea to sell the things that you make! I'm thinking of trying it... Etsy maybe... I don't know... can't decide how to go about doing it!

  2. WOW Leslie..these cards are awesome! The purses are totally cute.

  3. Thank you for the nice comments on my blog.
    Your cards with the purses are adorable.

  4. The cards are adorable. The purses are amazing! You are so very creative!

  5. Hi Leslie,

    WOW! These are adorable! LOVE the assortment of 3x3's and the cute little purse to hold them all!

  6. I love your little cards. They are all great. The purses are cute too.