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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Anniversary card for hubby - 34 years today

This is the card I made for my husband. I liked the shaker card I made the other day so much I thought I would make another one. Don't trust the glue on the dazzling die cuts though. I did and got glass beads all over our bedroom carpet. I had to take it back to the scrap room and put real glue on it.

Today is my anniversary. 34 years of wedded something, not necessarily bliss. Especially when my husband gets on the computer. I want to get in my car and be long gone. He gets angry at the computer because it doesn't do what he thinks it should do. He is trying to find an artist. He picked up a painting that HE liked and wants to find out about the artist. So every time a new screen opens, he asks me what to do with it, like I know computers or something. I'm a bookkeeper for heaven sake.

He wants a photo of himself and our daughter on his motorcycle so now I have to go through the external hard drive to see if I can find what he is looking for.

Thanks for tuning in, again.


  1. Great card Leslie! It's my anniversary today too!!! 13 years here. My hubby is just the same way with computers and he is a computer geek.
    My other half didn't even get a card from me LOL and he didn't get one FOR me so, it's fair play.

  2. Hehe, you are explaining your situation in such a funny way! Happy anniversary to you! I like the shaker card. Fun idea.

    BR Monica

  3. Gorgeous card and congrats on 34 years! It's inspiring to see people being married for that long because these days you don't see it very often! Cheers to many, many more!

  4. I love shaker boxes, I also had this happen to me once... pretty startling but funny when it happens. :)

  5. I love this shake card too, and am very amused by the story about the computer. Lol.