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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

Ahhhhh, that wonderful - horrible holiday. My hubby is sick with a cold. I have a pot of chicken cooking. He had chicken & rice soup for breakfast.

Valentine's Day is a great excuse for making cards and other things, like small boxes for chocolates. I made some and then forgot to unpack them to give to my friends. I am sure they don't mind, who needs chocolate anyway, right? I made them at my sister's house. I like to go visit her and spend the weekend "playing".

Here is the card I made hubby last year. Not my best work. Let's see which one should I give him this year? I don't think it matters as he probably won't take notice the way he is feeling.

This one turned out pretty well, I think. It involved a lot of cutting. I didn't realize how much until a friend wanted to duplicate it. I hope her husband likes it. I guess I should have put cards in the mail to my girls, but wasn't thinking. I guess I am pretty self absorbed right now, what with not having a job. Kind of an all consuming thought process.

Oh well, here is to day two of my blogging.

Happy Valentine's Day

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