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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Remake of Lucky

Here is the remake.
I just didn't like that big one that I made yesterday morning so I made a smaller version. Used a different heart, actually the back of a heart from a stamp set, I think it was Soul Mates, but not positive. That is one of the neat things about Close To My Heart clear stamps. They are made of acrylic and you can see through them and a lot of them you can use either side. Especially a shape like a heart. Then I used a masking technique to give the solid heart some texture. I used the front of another stamp and white daisy pigment ink (Pigment ink is very thick and goopy and takes forever to dry, usually) There is a trick to pigment ink. Sponge it on to your stamp. Yup yup, that is the trick. it dries immediately. You know about the masking technique, right? I just took a piece of sticky note paper, traced my clover, cut out the center of it, and then stamped the hearts with a stamp that had a background, swirly type design. Don't look too closely. Then I used my brad buddy which is really just a piece of plastic canvas and made all my dots. Close To My Heart markers have a fine point and a brush tip and match all 60 colors of their inks and papers. I used a white gel pen from my LSS for all the white dots.

Anyway, that is probably all I will do with St. Patrick's Day. Not a big holiday, just fun. The "wearin' of the green".

I plan to work on my son's layout later today. We'll see how that works out. If not, tomorrow I will post the layout from Stamp Camp of my daughter's hunt for THE dress. Everything about that is beautiful. The layout that our director designed and my daughter and all the fun times that we had.

Thanks for tuning in.


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