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Monday, February 16, 2009

job hunting

Phew, job hunting is an exhausting proposition. I cannot be sure that I have completed all the steps involved in online applications. I click on a new screen and one pops up only to find that it isn't the right screen and takes me off on a tangent I didn't want to go on. Then after filling out that one and possibly going somewhere else I close that screen and see the one I meant to go to sitting there waiting for me to complete filling it out. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!.
Dear Lord, Please help me find the job that I am meant to have. Amen.
I hope you all will pray this prayer for me as well. I know it is out there. The Lord has taken me to this place I just don't know if I am supposed to have patience, do what I am doing or am I missing something. How do you ever know.

I am scrappin' a set of cards with the holder. I got most of it completed yesterday between going shopping with my daughter and helping her fix dinner and getting my own house in order. I will take photos and post later today I hope.

Hubby went to work today. He is not feeling much better but the work doesn't get done by itself if he isn't there. All his work is on deadlines. He is a dental technician - for those that haven't heard of that before he makes crowns and bridges. Some people think of them as caps. The work is completed by 4 people in the lab. Some of the work is done before he gets it and the final work is done by his boss. A very exacting job. They are artists that work on someone else's canvass.

I will post again later.

Thanks for tuning in.

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