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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

an extra tidbit today

You know, I check twenty to thirty blogs a day and some people haven't posted since January. I hope that I get busy enough that I don't have time to post on a daily basis, but amost a month. I am about ready to take them out of my favorites. I haven't figured out how to set up to follow blogs yet. Anyone have any ideas and want to clue me in?

The real reason I am posting twice in one day is to post another card, it's really just a remake. Someone suggested that I use black cardstock for my card since I had used black for the sentiment. Since I was changing it anyway I figured I could take off the green cardstock that wasn't Clover Meadow. What do you think? Can you see a difference?
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  1. Is that the KTMH heart??? What stamp set is the flowers from????