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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The search continues

Hello everyone.
I have completed my morning job search. I may have mentioned before that I have clicked on every job search engine on the internet only to have my email be inundated with SPAM!!!! I get betweeo 80 to 100 spams an hour. I have had to open a new email account for personal email. This gives me 5 email accounts. I will be glad when this job search is over in more ways than one. I really don't like staying home. I like being productive and contributing to the household accounts so we can pay our bills. The thought of loosing our home looms out there if I don't get work. The thought of not being able to pay our bills is not a nice thought.

I do like being able to scrap though. I got some photos printed yesterday for a loyout for my son's 16th birthday. He picked out the paper I am going to use. The last layout I did for his book he was quite pleased with and shared it with several of his friends. I hope I can do his 16th birthday justice. When I think 16 I think "Sweet 16", that's just because I am a girl and have celebrated my sweet 16 and I have two girls who celebrated their Sweet 16, what do you do for a boy?

I will post my results later.

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  1. Hi Leslie! I'm a fellow consultant--I can't help you out on the boy celebration. I have two girly girls myself! Love to see what you come up with. PS I just signed up to be a follower!