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Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank you cards for Christmas gifts

Yup, you guessed it, I have made thank you cards using the silver card stock. I noticed that one card I didn't use any silver. Do you notice how hard it is to photograph silver without being in each photo?
You know something funny about blogger - used to be it took F O R E V E R to upload photos so I started uploading them one at a time, now they are so quick that I barely get a word typed and the photo is there. I just love this electronic age. Except, of course, when my husband gets on the computer. My son and I try to find something to do in different parts of the house - grins - .
Anyway I thought I would get my thank you cards done and move on to cleaning and baking. I still have a tin of cards to make for my secret Santa. She was so good to me. I can't even tell you all the different goodies she gave me. I found these darling round tins at Walgreen's for $0.50 each so I covered one and am making little circle cards for her. I am using our Grace paper pack. The tin came out beautifully with the paper and some ribbon around the top. It may take me a while to finish the cards but once I do you know I will be sure to post them.
I am craving sugar cookies as Karen Pedersen posted her cookies and recipe on her blog. Check it out. Also another blogger friend, Jane at Scrappy-Gram's Designs made some delicious Pecan Praline Crunch and posted the recipe that I have to try. I am pretty sure I can pick up the Savannah Cinnamon Co. Southern Praline Mix at the World Market today. If not I may be a disappointed shopper today. We'll see. I can always order it online if I don't find it.
Thanks for tuning in.
Have a merry and blessed Christmas!
With love to all my blogger friends.


  1. Lots of great cards here! Love them!

  2. What beautiful cards Leslie, I love the blue bowed one the best,glad your so far ahead.Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  3. These are GORGEOUS! I am loving what you do with the silver paper and really wishig I had some. Very elegant girlfriend.

  4. Oh my gosh these are wonderful! Beth

  5. Wow Leslie, that's still on my "to-do" list - for when I'm sitting with my knee up and iced. I need thank you cards!!! These are just beautiful!

  6. That silver cardstock is fabulous!
    Great job on these!!

    Have a great Christmas!

  7. Woooohooooo!!! These are awesome Leslie..I think you have my mojo~ Can I have it back????
    I love them all.