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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Been wanting to try this

I saw this style of gift card holder in CardMaker Magazine by Melony Bradley and have wanted to try it for awhile. There are quite a few different designs for gift card holders out there. This one just happened to be there when I needed it.
I had been kicking around this idea as I wasn't able to do as much for my children this year as I would have liked, since I was only employed part-time for most of the year. Obviously I do a lot for my children during the year also, which is the reason for this gift. My Princess, Casey, is a college student who was working full time and bringing in decent money for her age. She had health insurance and was able to keep an A Average in her studies. Somewhere around August or October Abercrombie decided to close the store she was working in. So she was out of work. The district manager, regional manager and the store manager all wanted to keep her in the company so she worked part time until her position opened up and Thank you, God, she is working full-time again. Anyway, during her downtime when I saw her checking account getting low I would put money in it for her. Fortunately, her account is linked to mine since she is a college student. She is very conscientious about finances and I know that this is weighing on her as she is trying to get back on her feet and her car needs some, hopefully, minor repairs.
I used the new paper from Close to my Heart called Topstitch. I am not crazy aobut this card, but it serves the purpose so there...
I have another post to enter tonight so stay tuned.


  1. This is a great gift card presentation. You're a great mom, too! Why does that not surprise me?

  2. Beautiful gift holder Leslie. LOVE that paper. You are a great Mom...putting money in her account!

  3. I love the card, Leslie - you're too hard on yourself sometimes! The way the flowers curl up is so cute!

    I'm not surprised that you help your daughter! It sounds just like you - she's very blessed!

  4. What a great way to give a gift card! I would love the directions so I can scraplift..LOL

    Your daughter is very lucky to have you as a mom and I'll bet she knows it.

  5. I love this and what a fabulous gift, too!

    ~Inky Smiles!