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Sunday, December 6, 2009

4th and final for the night

I just had to show you the box for the cards. The original design is Vicki Wizniuk's - she is a Wiz at designing boxes and lots of different templates. I modified this one just a bit. Usually the cards sit in the folder/holder sideways. They are still in the same direction, just the holder is turned on end. Also usually there are holders on both sides of the folder. I only made 6 this time. I am not sure my sister will care for these so I didn't make too many. I figure if she isn't crazy about them she can regift them. Does this make sense? I think I am over tired and just need to get to bed. I have amazed myself at how much I got accomplished this weekend.

Speaking of re-gifting - my friend and upline bought the Scor-Pal for my birthday. I love it. It is what I have wanted for a very long time. That was in October, just this past month we went to Michael's and she found a scoring board by Martha Stewart that is out of this world. It has score lines galore and a piece that slides under for doing envelopes and diagonal scores. I really really want that one now that I have seen it. She even told me I could regift the Scor Pal. What to do, what to doooooo!!!!!

Goodnight all. Thanks for tuning in,


  1. Scor Pal blog candy??? LOL
    Love the box are on a roll!

  2. Great box for your cards!! Now, I'm off to check out Martha's "score board." LOL.

  3. I need to check the Martha one out, not seen it yet.Boy you sure have been busy and I am so impressed.You always have such beautiful creations.Have a really nice week.