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Sunday, December 13, 2009

More of the same

I guess you will notice that I really like this design. I saw this design by Candida Roberts. I didn't remember she was the designer, but that is what I have as the name on the card so I guess that is the designer. The last batch of cards were rectangular, and these are square. I love the border stamp that came with the stamp set Just for the Holidays. I thought it made a nice frame for the sentiment inside the cards. Even though we had Secret Santa last week I am going to give these to the "Office Chicks". Did I tell you about that? There are 6 ladies in the office staff, counting myself and one day when we were singing to the principal for her birthday someone coined the phrase Office Chicks so we now have shirts that declare us as such. Used to be we would be offended by being called a chick.
Wednesday is my little princess's 22nd birthday and I made her a card, put it in the envelope and sealed it before I thought to take a picture. I used the birthday bash paper and made it as tacky as I could get it. I think she will think it is funny. Maybe she will take a picture and send it to me.
I have heard two women say that they were going into the hospital to be induced this week and it made me think of when princess Casey was born. My doctor didn't want me to miss Christmas with my family as I had a three year old at home so he scheduled an induction. When I went in to labor on my due date, the hospital didn't want to admit me, they just kept telling me that I was to be induced on Monday. I had to tell them that I knew I was to be induced, but the baby didn't know that. She was ready, it was her due date for heaven sake.

It is late and 5:30 rolls around pretty early. Thanks for looking at more of the same. - grins -


  1. Lovely, Leslie! I don't mind more of the same. Just glad when you surface!!

    Have a great week!!

  2. I love these Leslie. What a fun design.

  3. Awesome Leslie!! Love the way you got hearts on these cards.

  4. Glad to hear your still out there, glad to see your lovely cards always. Happy birthday to your "baby" my we are getting old aren't we?

  5. Oh these are so lovely Liz! I really enjoy the first picture they strike me as quits for some reason. Beth

  6. I loved these the first time around and the second! But the best part this time was your post. Thanks for sharing your story about your princess. I hope her day is super special, just like her mom!