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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lots of goodies

I have lots to show you today. I rarely get time to play and blog during the week. Monday begins Secret Santa week and I have been making goodies for my SS and one of our secretaries' SS.

We have this depot that is open to the school board and all employees - it's called the Teacher's Supply Depot. It is in one of the OLD school buildings that has been closed. Once a month it is open from 3-6 and hundred's of people take advantage of it. This was first visit and I found these wonderful boxes. The black one covered in Silhouette PP. I only grabbed about 5 of them, Dang, should have grabbed more. They measure about 4.25 by 4.75. I had to cover everything as it had embossed into all sides the name of the school. I think this one was Nebraska. I got some blue ones too that were West Virginia. I haven't decided what to put in this box yet. I may just do some 3X3 cards "not Christmas" and envelopes. If I have time.

I made a couple rectangular "pizza boxes" and put 3 different flavors of Andes Candies in them. I am not crazy about them, but oh well. The one with the bell on it also needs a tag. I love the tag I put on the other box. The sparkles in the center of the stars came from Michael's. They are so neat.

Oh and did you see my little votive candles? Aren't they cute? Well, for me any way. The hardest part of making them is cutting out the tissue paper. I don't have a punch large enough so I cut them out by hand. Once heated you really can't tell that though - and don't go looking!!!! - grins -

And last but not least, another pizza box - do you get the idea I like making those puppies? This one has come 3x3 gift tags.

All these and the stuff I showed you last week will hopefully make some SS's very happy. I only need 4 items and Ms. R only needed 3 items so I figure I will have these others on hand in case someone forgot about SS and if they don't get used I will give them as gifts to the "Office Chicks" as we are called.

I made some tags last week and a divided box similar to one that Vicki Wizniuk made with a clear sleeve over it but forgot to get a photo of it. I had to borrow my friend/upline's stamp set because mine hasn't come in yet to make them.

I still have to go make a fleece poncho thingy for my big SS gift and the dryer keeps beeping so I am out of here.

Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Holy Smokes! When you roll, you really rock! This is all wonderful, Leslie. Love your covered boxes and everything you've made to go with them. Glad to know, too, I'm not the only one who can't cut a circle.

    Have a great week!

  2. WOWzer!!! Love all your goodies...BUT those votives are DARLING. Did you stamp on tissue paper and then stick that to the top??? How cool! Beautiful work.
    OHHH I went to Joannes and bought fleece and made 2 of those blanket thingies....My girls LOVE them...they used the cut out as a scarf. My son didn't want his cut ha ha. I am going to make 2 more for my friends as gifts.
    Thanks Leslie.

  3. Oh I am so really have been busy! Those are all such wonderful gifts especially for a SS gift. I keep forgetting to ask you for directions for making the snuggli thingy if you have a few minutes.I was confused when I read your post, remember I am blonde!
    Hugz sweetie.

  4. Wow, you've been busy. Everything looks so great.

  5. I am speechless you have really been on a creative craze Girlfriend I am so jealous! Beth

  6. You have been a very busy little girl. Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful projects with us today in all of your posts. Go get some sleep!

  7. Oh my good golly! Leslie, you've been such a busy bee! What a terrific lot of great cretions! And 4 posts!!! Good job! LOL

  8. Wowie! You busy girl! These are all fantastic, wow!

  9. You are going to make some ladies very, very happy. I LOVE each and every one of your creations and wish I was a recipient (especially of the ones with chocolate).

  10. Wowie Leslie! What a roll you are on here! I'm blown away by your productivity and creativity!!!! I LOVE your votives - I was staring at them trying to figure them out (when the light bulb went on) and really - what great SS gifts! Wish I worked with you . . . (not the first time - certainly not the last either!)