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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oh Sadness - time to give it to it's rightful owner

I have to give it up now.

I am done with all the layouts for my daughter, Ashley, & son-in-law, Alan's family album. A few of the layouts are interactive and once they are in the book the only way to get them out is to open the spine and take the page protector out of the book. Some of you may remember the 2008 layout with the doors on it. I finally cut through the page protector to let the doors open. You don't have to pull the layout out to open them any longer. This layout uses the Emporium paper packet. It was designed by my up-up-line, Sherri Tozzi.
I did the same type of thing with the wedding program. Because it has information on all sides I couldn't just adhere it, I sewed it onto the page. Then I cut a slit in the page protector and slipped the program through the slit. I punched small circles at both ends of where I was going to cut the slit before I cut it to keep it from tearing. A trick I learned from a Close To My Heart Webisode of Art & Soul.
The BRIGHT blue and BRIGHT green layout is awful, I know, but when trying to match the electric blue of Ash and Alan's shirts, what else could I do? I tried to tone it down with the chocolate card stock and the checked B&T from Twitterpated. The photo shoot was such a neat idea. This is Alan's mom, Becky, and dad, Eric, twin brothers Jeremy and Jeffrey, and their wives, Natalie and Kylee with children. I don't know the older two, but the youngest is Bailey. If you click on the top photo you can get a better look. Yes , that is her real hair and it has looked like that from day 1, from what I have been told. It was like that last November at the wedding. I am wondering if her little brother, not on the scene yet, will have the same hair.
Anyway, I am letting Ash & Alan take the album home with them tomorrow when they come over for Christmas lunch. I probably should have given it to them a long time ago, but I kept working on layouts in my free time.
Thanks for tuning in.
Hope your Christmas is all that you hope for.


  1. You are one talented scrap booker! Your layouts are fabulous and you did an amazing job with this series. Thanks too for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! Merry Christmas to you! Best, Curt

  2. Leslie,

    It's so beautiful - I know it's hard to let it go! You were smart to take nice photos of it - so you can remember the album. I'm sure they will be so happy to have it!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. What a beautiful labor of love!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  4. Oh Leslie, there are so many reasons why I can see you don't want to give this one up. The layouts are almost as gorgeous as your daughter. I love the interactive page features! Her dress is to die for! This is truly a labor of love.

    Having a daughter, I know how hard it is to watch them grow and know that someday you have to let them go out on their own. Looks like you did an awesome job and this is going to make a wonderful gift.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

  5. Leslie, your daughter and SIL will surely love your gift of the memories you've scrapbooked for them! I think your LOs are awesome, and love how you cut into those page protectors to be so creative. Love ALL your little details in your design! You've given a gift straight from your heart.

  6. What a lovely, heartfelt gift! I can understand how hard it is to give away. It will be cherished I am sure. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!

  7. Beautiful layouts, Leslie. Treasures for your daughter and son-in-law. Gifts of the heart are the best kind.

    Merry Christmas, friend!!

  8. What a great resource!