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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Life Delights Memory Showcase

Would you believe it has taken me about a year to finally get this put together? I would start it and then get frustrated and put it up, then take it back out and attempt it again. Penny Doucette got hers put together and showed me that it really can be done without the photos being in it. The instructions tell you to put everything together with the photos in place so you kind of have to work around that. It really is a very pretty album. I just don't know what I will do with it.
On another note. I don't know if it is this way all over the country but here in Jacksonville tree surgeons give away mulch or wood chips. The guy called me about an hour ago and said he had a load of pine chips and did I still want them. Yes indeed I did. I just got a truck load of Pine Chips and needles dumped in my yard. I will have to do all the work of spreading it out, but I didn't have to go pick it up, find a truck to pick it up with and it was free. My neighbor just told me she'd buy some from me. Nope, she can have all she can haul away, but I can't charge her for something I didn't pay for myself. I am excited. My house is starting to smell like pine. Maybe I will take photos after the yard I all done and post them here. Just maybe.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. It's so pretty when it's finished, isn't it?

  2. I can't believe this!! I pulled out that very kit last night that I had gotten back when it was free! Though I loved it, I just never found the right pictures for it and filed it away. I've started a new club with young mothers (my daughters and DIL and their friends!) and they love the 9x9 size. That's when I remembered this kit and pulled it out to show them. Plus the price is cut in the summer IB so I'm really going to push it now that I've seen your finished project!! Boy, all that was a mouth-ful !!! I was just so excited and thought it was such a coincidence!

    Scrappin' and Stampin' in Mississippi

  3. Oh i really really like it now .. the pic in the cattie does not do it justice eh!