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Sunday, April 26, 2009

wedding gift

I have a ton of photos loading so this is going to take all night to post.

Only one of my followers, Nancy L :-), will know the bride so I don't think I have to fear the bride seeing her gift before I am ready to put it in the mail. Nancy can you believe that Ash and Veronica are 6 months apart in age and got married a month apart? They were the best buds until they started school.

This is one of those never ending photo albums. Each time you open a flap you find another flap to open. I got it almost completed and realized that I had messed up the doors in the very middle. I put a rub-on on one, so now I have to order another set of rub-ons so I can finish the gift. That's why you will see sticky notes reminding me to leave the flaps blank for rub-ons.

The bride sent us a save the date with a photo of herself and her fiance so I used that photo in the album, then I got another photo from her wedding website, called "The Knot", and I used the invitation on the album also. I used red as my accent color because there was a tiny border of red around the invitation. I kept waiting for her announcement to appear in our hometown newspaper, teeny tiny little town in southwest Virginia so I could get the details of the wedding but they never posted it. I had to jump through hoops to get my daughter's announcement put in the paper because we didn't live there any longer.
Hope you can get an idea of what it looks like from these photos.
Thanks for tuning in

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