That's Me

Monday, April 6, 2009

color challenge

I wanted to put this on my blog so I could enter it into a challenge. It may actually fit two challenges. I'll have to check it out.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. the colors are super close- love that darn bamboo stamp! Thanks for playing along.

  2. This is cute. I do not have ocean so I could not participate. Maybe I'll see if I have a color similar to ocean, I don't think I do though.

    Anyway to link, when you're writing your post, highlight the text that you want as a link and then click the little picture of the earth with what looks like a paper clip on it. It's actually supposed to be a chain link... lol. Get it? Anyway, click that and it will open a box and you just enter the link and then save and that's about it. Now your highlighted text is a link!! Super easy! I'd be happy to help you if you ever need any help with anything else!