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Monday, April 20, 2009

Cute Card Thursday Challenge & color challenge

I hope it is okay to use the same card for two challenges. I couldn't use that saying about birds and stones. I think it is cruel as I love birds. I have a sweet little parrotlet. He is pale blue and about 4 inches tall. He has purple tips on his wings and on his back right above his tail feathers is a deep blue. His name is Stormy. Maybe I'll post a photo of him someday.

Anyway, here is my card for Cute Card Thursday which is Floral Fantasy and the other is a color challenge on KJs Stamp Pad. The colors we are to use are Watermelon, Sunflower, black and white. I used the flower child stamp set, intrinsic backgrounds and the brads are not really brads as they were an afterthought. I just used hole punches and covered themwith liquid glass.

It is taking forever to get this photo uploaded. Hmmmm not sure it is going to load. I have tried three times. Usually it loads while I am still on my first paragraph.


  1. Lovely card Leslie, love the bright colours and the black background. Louise x

  2. Beautiful card!
    Many thanks for joining in the CCT challenge! Have a great day! Debx

  3. Great card Leslie! The colors rock and the card is super cute. I love the idea to use the paper with LG instead of brads.
    I finally got a looks a bit intimidating, I am kind of scared of it as it looks like an instrument of torture.

  4. hi Leslie, thanks for your comment on my card :) Just had to check yours out too! I love it! The thing that I love about your card is that it is a piece of art... very unique. Love the idea of hole punching and using LG and the flowers in that stamp set deserve a bright color for a change. People only think of using pastels with that set.

  5. lol. Do you have dial-up?

    This card is great! I just barely bought my first bottle of LG and have been playing with it. Thanks for that idea!!!

  6. Love that you used black as the main color- really makes the others pop off the card!