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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Been scrappin' all day but I can't show you what I made

Isn't it horrible when you have put so much effort into a project, but when you are done you can't share it with anyone? Have you ever been there, done that?

Heather Painchaud of Dragonfly Designs commented on my "Pay It Forward" post the other day so I worked all day and part of last evening putting together her goodies. It wouldn't be right to post it before she gets it.

Pay it Forward is where you have a post and the first 5 people to comment get a hand made goodies from you. They then have to post a Pay it Forward on their blog and do the same thing.

Penny Doucette of A Work of Heart was the first to comment and she received her goodies and promptly posted photos of it on her blog. Check it out. Just click on her name.

Just wanted you to know I have been scrappin', just can't post it yet.

Thanks for tuning in.


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