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Sunday, July 11, 2010

July birthday cards

I sat down to make cards for the people I work with celebrating their birthdays this month and my daughter texted me to make a card for the party she was going to for Tiffany. She said Tiffany turned 21, her favorite color is pink, she loves giraffes and flowers. I think I covered all the bases here. Apparently the card was a big hit.
I just love this hat card. Quite pleased with my self. This is for a special lady whom I shall consider a customer. I made the rehearsal dinner favors and the wedding gift for her son and daughter in law.
A card for my son-in-law, the student. My daughter and he moved to Tampa so he could finish school at USF. He and she were going to UNF, now they will be going to USF. I miss having my baby girl right down the road where I can run down to her apartment to take her out for lunch or shopping or whatever. She will be home this coming weekend for a wedding though. She is a bridesmaid for one of her bridesmaids.
Sounds like the rains are coming back, I will need to cut this short. I am so afraid of losing my computer to a lightning jolt. We lost our townhouse to a summer storm about 11 years ago.
Sorry I can't clean this up abit, but I am sure you can tell which card is which.
Thanks for tuning in again.


  1. You amaze me by what you get done once you put your mind to it. Your cards are all gorgeous. Love the top two in particular. The bright colors are gorgeous.

    Have a good week, Leslie!

  2. Your cards are beautiful. The top two are my favorites also, but I must say that the candle one makes me wish for that stamp set!

  3. Great cards, Leslie! My favorite is the bright green one with the $10 (or is it a $100?) dollar bill!!!