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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hawaiian themed card

Have you ever met someone that you hit it off right away. When everything you say or she says you find yourself saying, "me too". I call that being separate at birth. A girl I work with is like that. We are so alike that we have decided we are sisters who got different moms. This card is for my "sister's" mom. My friend is having a Hawaiian themed birthday party and asked me to make her a card. Blogger is taking F O R E V E R to load and it doesn't look like it is going to upload tonight. Oh well, I will save this post and publish at a later date.
I'm back, a day later.
I couldn't believe how long it took to load these two photos.
I took the card to my friend at work this morning and she loved it. Kept taking it out to look at it and show to everyone. Several times she had to fan herself to keep the tears at bay. I love it when some one really appreciates my work. She asked me to put world's greatest mom , but I didn't have a stamp for that. I did have World's Best Dad so I used that stamp and masked it. All the names inside the card are the children and grandchildren. There are 5 children and I used the pineapples with the rock & roll technique, then I used the poinsettias for all the grands. The poinsettias are a border stamp so in some areas I had to cut pretty close. I printed the names out on white card stock and sponged them before I cut them out. This is the moon doggie paper pack, one of my faves.
My hours during the summer are 7-5:30 Monday through Thursday and I am off on Friday, wo0 hoo - tomorrow is Friday. This morning I woke up at 6:56, had 4 minutes to get across town, not to mention shower, dress, fix breakfast, brush teeth and drive 30 minutes. When I called my boss, she was so understanding. She calls herself the "queen of sleep throughs". It is a good thing she is the boss. AND, I had 334 composition books in my car that I had to unload. Our Target and Wal Mart stores are selling composition books for $0.25 each. That is $0.53 cents less than what our storeroom has them for. I am 300 shy of our goal to purchase 1000.
Since tomorrow is Friday, I hope to sleep in. What do you want to bet that I wake up at 5:45 or earlier?
Well folks, that's all for tonight.
Thanks for tuning in. Hope your weekend is fanterrific!


  1. Your card is beautiful - I can see why your sister friend loved it! Enjoy your day off!

  2. Hope you're still asleep as I write this - it's early afternoon here in London but still early morning for you!

    I LOVE this card Leslie, it just says Hawaii all over! I love the fringe and the twine at the top, and the names all inside. No wonder your friend loved it so much! x

  3. A card with one of my fave paper packs--turned out supercute!!

    The tub was from and you have to call the 800 number to order, but they are nice and fast...and best price I found.