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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Unscripted sketch # 60

I decided to try another challenge today to see if my mojo would come back. Oh where, oh where has my mojo gone, oh where, oh where could it be????I picked up a pack of papers at Hobby Lobby last week. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of it, though. There are 6 sheets of the designs you see in this card in about 20 different colors. Since Unscripted Sketches had this challenge today, I thought I would try it.

EWE YUK! I don't like my card, but am going through the motions anyway. I think if I do-go through the motions, that is-I might find some mojo lingering somewhere. On top of the sketch is the additional challenge: It's National Eat an Oreo Cookie Day - use black and white. I am going to keep thinking on this and see if I might like to change it up a bit.

This week has been quite rough on me. I started working 10 hour days so I would have Friday's off. Nope, that didn't happen. This last week of school and all monies had to be turned in or spent. Reports needed to be turned in to internal auditing and I chose to take a two day refresher course in the district accounting software. A big, ole, lumbering German software package. When I try to find something I am told you can't get there from here. (Reminds me of my in-laws trip to Ireland one year. Mom and Dad asked a man directions and he thought about it for a while and then responded "If I were going there, I wouldn't start from here". I love that story). Anyway, this software is apparently used all over the world and we are "fortunately" among the world that uses it. Oh how I long for QuickBooks. I took the refresher course while I should have been at my desk getting caught up. No use crying over spilled milk, right?

Right in the middle of the course, one of my reminders popped up to tell me a report was due on Monday and I had to sit down with the principal to get it done. That's where Friday comes in. She too had things to do outside the office so Friday at noon was the best time to 'git er dun'!.

I walked into the office only to be greeted with the news that one of the "Office Chicks" had passed away the night before. She was a sweet little lady who had just buried her husband less than a month ago and her mother had passed away about 6 months ago. That often happens when you have been married forever. My in-laws went home to be with the Lord 5 weeks apart. Mom, at 90 years old, standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes when the Lord called. Dad, at 98, wasn't going to be left behind for long.

Today was the funeral for my son's friend, Dameon. He was 17 and had as many open heart surgeries as he had years. The doctors said he was not a good candidate for a transplant. He was a most lovable young man with a beautiful and mischievous smile. Several of the young men there fell into my arms in tears.

One of my babies is moving out of town next weekend, so we got together today for lunch. Her husband was accepted at USF in the creative writing program and will be teaching at the school. I don't even want to think about it.

I have to close for now. Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Well you certainly have a full plate it sounds like! I wouldnt' have thought your mojo was missing by the card, I love it, especially with the bit of red. I understand though because I haven't had scrappy time at all in the past month and when I sit down to create it's like I'm forcing it. Hope the rest of your weekend and days to come are less stressful. Thanks for playing at Unscripted Sketches!

  2. The card is beautiful! Hope the stress calms some! Thanks for playing at Unscripted Sketches!

  3. What a stressful week! But at the same time, you can still create a beautiful card! I love the red dot details. Are those brads? Jewels? Lovely! Thanks for playing along with us at Unscripted this week!

  4. Wow hope things calm down. I love the accents on the card and the combo color delicious.
    Thanks for playing at Unscripted this week.