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Sunday, June 13, 2010

cards and an album

Does anyone know how to change the photo/header on blogger? I am so envious of all these beautiful photos that people have for the blog headers and I can't seem to figure it out.

A quick card for my aunt. My dad's sister, fell and broke her hip and had to have surgery. I found out just a few minutes before the mail man was due so I grabbed what I had on my desk.

A card commissioned by a teacher. What am I going to do all summer? There will be a handful of teachers in the school over the summer as we are hosting a "Superintendent's Summer Reading Academy". That's a nice way of saying "summer school or day care" except that the children aren't required to attend. We are also a "feeding station" for the neighborhood. Anyone under the age 18 can come in for breakfast and/or lunch. I don't know what the identifying requirements are, just that it is so. I read that there are going to be several around the city.

I don't notice it so much since I am taking a different route to work now, but in the winter months while it is still dark out, there is one street downtown where homeless people literally sleep in a row on the sidewalk in sleeping bags. We have a lot of homeless and hungry people in our city. This is the largest (area wise) city in the contiguous US.

Last fall our school also held "Saturday School". I am not sure how many students attended and I am not sure how much it helped as our FCAT scores will not be available until the end of June. We will again have Saturday School and I believe it will be even more often than last year. I keep joking that eventually our students will be staying overnight and parents will have visiting rights. They are adding another hour to the school day, having classes on Saturday and they say that we cannot require students to wear uniforms, it will be pointed out to parents that refuse them that there are other schools their children can attend. The teachers and staff are being encouraged to wear uniforms also. No biggie for me, I have worn the same outfits (black pants and different tops) for years now. We will be wearing black or khaki pants and polo's. Enough about that.

One of my daughter's bridesmaids is getting married this summer. I am getting a head start on her wedding gift. You know, the usual, the My Creations Memory Keeper and the 9X9 My Creations Memory Showcase accordion album. I finished the album today and will work on the box later this week.

I used the latest kit from Close to my Heart called Miracle. I really like this paper and wish it were available in more than just two B&T papers and some stickease.

There are a few things that I may change before I am done. Any suggestions?

Guess I better get some work done.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Leslie,
    Your album is just beautiful - and I totally agree about that paper, I definitely want more of it, it's so pretty!

    I noticed the school near my house is feeding people, too. I'm thankful, truly, that help is there for them. Especially the children - they need the good nutrition to grow up properly.


  2. Wowie gf your are on a creative roll, the cards are so lovely and the album... amazing! Beth

  3. Leslie, your cards and Memory Keeper & Album are gorgeous! I look at all your art and that of others and wish for the time to get back into it. Yesterday I changed my blog theme, and now see that we've chosen similar ones! I didn't mean to copy you! Love the fresh, new look. Happy weekend! <><