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Saturday, June 5, 2010

cards, cards cards

This is what I accomplished today. I didn't get a photo of the card I made for my daughter to give to a friend. These first two cards were commissioned by our pre-K teacher. She wanted Thank you cards for the two ladies that get their summer swim camp underway. The theme is underwater. I hope she will like these.

This one is for the same teacher to give to her niece for her birthday. She likes frogs and these little guys are so cute. The things on their backs are sparkles. Really shiny sparkles at that. I love their little googly eyes. I hope she will like it.
I made this card for a teacher who has triplets for them to give their dad for father's day. It doesn't seem quite right, but I will let her look at it and tell me if she wants to add anything, or if she has other ideas.
This card is for the auditor who is over my school. She was in an accident the other day. A pest control tanker truck was towing another tanker that was half full of liquid when it broke loose and smashed into the car behind it and the car behind that. The second car was the one my friend was driving. Thankfully she is okay, but the front half of her car is gone.
This one is because I wasn't happy with one of the other retirement cards I had made so I am adding this one into the mix so our Sunshine Group will have more to choose from.
It is late and I have accounting work to do tomorrow as well as go pick out 15 or 20 trophies for our safety patrol and check on the plaques for our retirees and employee and teacher of the year.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Wow Leslie! Awesome work today - I love, love, love the swimming ducks! Especially the one snorkeling - not sure why, but it just made me smile! You did a great job with all of these cards - they are so different (!) I tend to get in a color or sketch rut - I think everything I made today was in the same colors! LOL

    Hope your day is terrific tomorrow!

  2. All the cards are great - you did a wonderful job!

  3. So cute...every single one. The froggies are my fave!

  4. Such fun cards. Love those little ducks.