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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jumping to conclusions or being lead there

I must apologize to everyone for jumping to conclusions.

Remember my post of June 13 - Pardon me, My Politics is Showing? A good friend, Nancy, pointed out to me that I should have checked before posting and she right.
Please accept my apologies.
The president was not NOT SALUTING THE FLAG as was supposed in that photo. He was entering the ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, and was being saluted. I am sorry I jumped to conclusions. Yes, I was lead there by someone else who had been lead by an email.

I told you that I feel very strongly about our flag, Stars and Stripes, Old Glory! I grew up in a school where the first thing we did each morning was go to church and then go out to the courtyard for flag salute. The younger students stood in the courtyard and the envied position was lining the stairs. We all knew that one day we would get the enviable position of standing on the stairs at flag salute. One of the many perks of being in the upper grades.

Apparently that is not something that everyone is accustomed to doing. I see some of our teachers and staff completely ignore flag salute. They only stop talking when they realize I am saluting the flag. My office did not have a flag when I got there so I went out and bought one. I have since found several around the building and picked up several at the Teacher Supply Depot the other day.

Again, I apologize for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Thanks for tuning in.


  1. I am not a big fan of our current administration and found the picture you posted quite hard to stomach, especially with a husband and son in the military. It's nice to know it wasn't what you originally thought, and even nicer you would post a follow up admitting the mistake.

  2. I appreciate the follow up with corrected information. I understand your deep-rooted reaction to what appeared to be happening in the photo. Thanks for sharing the rest of the story, so to speak.