That's Me

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

playing hooky this morning

Here are a couple of cards that I worked on last night.

This card is for a girl who had to have her dog put to sleep. I hope the furry ribbon is appropriate.

This one is for an uncle duh. I really should try to add some color to him, but I am afraid I will mess him up.

This one is for the same man, from his sister. I hope she will like it and not think it is too juvenile.


  1. Great cards, Leslie! You amaze me by what you get done. Hope you are feeling better by the time you read this. There's a stomach bug going around our neck of the woods, a 12-hour thing that, so far, I've managed to avoid. No fun.

  2. These cards are wonderful Leslie especially the last one with the lion. I have missed visiting you and am glad to be back in blogland! Beth

  3. Each card is great! The lion is my fave. Guys like these regal lions and catchy sentiments!