That's Me

Monday, June 21, 2010

For Meredith - hopefully to make her laugh

These are my girls being made to share a soda and as you can see the oldest really wasn't a happy camper that day. The youngest was taking advantage of the situation, seeing her mother and two or three aunts, all grown women, standing on the sidewalk laughing till the tears rolled down our cheeks.
Mere, I can honestly say I have been there, done that and it really does get better, or you get better at handling it all. I guess I really haven't been completely there, I only moved into a new house, I didn't have it built. My husband has always worked 16-20 hour days, 7 days a week running his own dental lab. I always felt like a single mom when the children were younger. When my son was born and started pre school, I went to work part time and my husband pitched in, picking him up and they got to do stuff together, run pick ups, deliveries, stop at construction sights and watch the big machines, library and post office kind of stuff.
Eventually you will get back to scrapping and finding some me time. Probably not til you get into the new house and the girls are exploring.


  1. Thanks for that laugh this morning and the encouragement!!

    I only check a few blogs anymore and yours in one of them...

    I commented as anonymous because it won't let me log in--hope this works ;)

    Thanks again!! You're the best!

  2. Oh, even more soon as I posted that it signed me in...silly blogger/computer!