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Saturday, May 8, 2010

mission trip prayer requests

A friend is going on a mission trip this summer and asked if I could make her some tags to give out for prayer requests. She had one from last year that I used as an example to make these. Last year she went to Addis Ababa This year she is going to Dubai.
I am quite pleased with how the tags came out. I used some B&T paper that I got at a yard sale. I didn't have enough of any one color or pattern so I chose pale yellows and greens.
I hope she will like them. She is such a trusting friend that she stopped by my office at school and left a blank check with a copy of the tag from last year. I am thinking $0.25 a tag which comes to $25.00. I hope she will be alright with that. I will clear it with her before I actually fill in the blanks. - grins -
I have to get started on another box and album and hopefully get it done this weekend. I don't know, my husband thinks the children will be coming over tomorrow for Mother's Day. I will have to check with them later today.
Hope everyone has a great Mother's Day.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. What a wonderful idea, Leslie! I love these tags and I'm sure she will, too!

    Enjoy your Mother's day!

  2. What great tags, so sweet of you!

  3. You're awesome, Leslie. Happy Mother's Day!