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Sunday, May 2, 2010

2nd post - Anniversary gift

This is what I made for dh. I always make things for other people, but never anything for him.
This album begins with our first Christmas, December 1974. Charlie gave me my engagement ring, it was in the tiny stocking that he hung on the tree and I had to find it. We went over to visit his parents and show them the ring. Dad was taking the photos, so we didn't get a picture of him. Mom and dad had just retired, they owned a seafood restaurant for over 20 years and they packed up and moved to Idaho from Florida. You can see Dad's car in the background. He was in his mid 70s and still drove a sports car. MG-BGT.
The second photo was after we moved to Virginia, we had to come back to Palm Beach so Charlie could take his certification exam. This was November 1979.
The third photo is of our cats, George and Gracie. This is out of sequence, but no worries. George is still going strong. He is the love of our lives. Gracie took too many chances on the road.
The next photo is one of my favorites, Charlie and Schwarze (shorty) in the back yard of our very first house. Boxers have to be the best dogs in the world. We got her on Thanksgiving day, she was about 7 months old. She lived to be 12 or 13. I know you are supposed to hand write journaling , but I really don't like my handwriting.

Then there is Ashley, our oldest, with her dad. Beginning in 8th grade in Martinsville, honor students receive the big M award. This was right before we moved to Florida. I feel sure we would have had quite a few more of these awards with both the girls.
Friends and Family is of Charlie and Alec, Charlie's two brothers, Pete and Dan, and our neighbor and friend, Phillip, on the day we packed up the truck to move. This was July 1999.

Road Trip - Charlie drove the U-haul, towed his Suzuki and Alec rode down with him. The girls and I and George drove down in the van.
November 2002 is the family at my sister's house in Orlando for Thanksgiving. Alec is holding our Maltese Poodle, Falkor. One day I will have to put together a layout of Alec and all the pets. He likes to be holding one of the animals when he has his picture taken. Not sure about the psychological reasoning behind that.
Christmas 2006 - This was before our oldest moved into her own apartment. Have you noticed how Charlie and I are steadily getting grayer?

Charlie and Ash on the motorcycle - Have you ever had a photo printed and then not been able to find it? I sent this to Walgreens to be printed and I know I picked it up, but couldn't find it anywhere in my scrap room so I had to print out a black and white so I could finish the project.
Got work to do. I know I said that several hours ago and here I sit.

Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Leslie,
    How wonderful! I love the album and am sure Charlie will, too!! Nice work!

  2. What a beautiful gift, Leslie! Charlie WILL love it - a gift from the heart.

  3. Aww, Leslie....I loved that peak into your life! So heartwarming!

  4. Leslie, what an endearing gift! And your handwriting makes it very special. Journaling with handwriting is important. :)

  5. Les, you sure have a gift. Really nice.

  6. This is a really lovely book and awesome present! I love all the thought you put into it and the stories behind the pics. I hope he LOVED it!

    Inky Smiles!