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Sunday, May 16, 2010

All in a Day's Work

This is for a young man going into high school from middle school next year. He is the cadence caller for the schools band or something along those lines. I'm not sure if that is the drum major or what the correct term might be.

This card is for the principal, from one of the paras. Our teacher's aides are called paraprofessionals, for short para(s).

This card is for the AP from the same lady.

This card is from the office chicks to either P or AP. Same with the card below.

Here are a few cards I have made this weekend. Nothing to write home about, just can't help sharing. Three are commissions, the other two are for the office chicks to give to the principal and assistant principal (AP) for their generosity over the past week.
In honor of teacher appreciation week, the entire faculty and staff were treated to a breakfast of bagels, pastries and juices. Another day we were treated to a barbecue lunch and on Friday we were treated to decadent deserts, not to mention all the gifts that were given through a drawing during the week. The desert trays were set on rolling carts and drinks of tea and various soft drinks and the Principal, AP and I went door to door. Needless to say my entire day at work was non-existent. I had a meeting at District in the morning, I got back to school and sat down to eat as my blood sugar was very low and I was feeling quite shaky, then when I got back to my desk the deserts arrive and I was off again.
Remember the Tiny Girl Great Dane we adopted a couple months ago. I am sad to say we had to find her a home. She was too big for our house and yard. She had no place to run and romp. My son is working several nights a week, I am working several nights a week away from home as well as at home and my husbands hours have picked up again. He has always worked 12 or longer hours a day, with the hours increasing to 18 when things get behind. No one was home to be with her during the day, so we found a home for her with 5 acres of fenced yard, 3 other Great Danes, several horses and ducks, chickens, potbellied pig etc. . . She is totally in hog heaven. I am sure she slept well last night after her day of romping around with another dog her age and the horses, that she was thoroughly enchanted by.
I will sign off now to get some more work done.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Your cards are all perfect and well thought out. I, especially, love the first one. It is so hard to make guy cards, especially teens. And, with him going into band it is perfect.

  2. Wonderful cards, Leslie. I think it's so cool that you are commissioned to make cards for everyone!

    Sorry about the Great Dane - but you did the right thing and she sounds so happy in her new home. Hugs!!!