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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No time today

Just a quick note while eating my bagel. I worked on my layout, but no where near finished. It is one of those things where I want it to be perfect the first time and not say "Oh I could have done this or that." My friend, Gail, posted her layout of her grandmother on our CTMH website and I really like it. I want to make mine just like hers, but don't feel right about doing that. I might use some of the same elements and just be done with it. I will see.

I have to go into the offices this morning. I sure wish I had a regular job and not have to spend a couple hours at this office and a couple hours at that office. It's nice that I am at least making a little money, but I like having a 9-5 so to speak.

Thanks for tuning in. Check back later.


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