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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A card I forgot to post

PLEASE know that this is not my design. I copied it straight from my upline, Sherri Tozzi. She used a different paper pack than the one I chose, but it is the same design. Sherri is a true artist so mine cannot compare. It was fun to make. You don't realize what goes into making/scraplifting a card until you are already into it. The paper is from Boom-Di-Ada last summer's IB and the stamp set is Ms. Gardener. So much of the card is pieced: her arms, even the tiny part of her foot showing through her clog, the hat band then shirt and pants. I really am quite pleased with my card.
Which I guess I might now qualify as a Ms. Gardener. I have been tearing out my grass (read weeds) by hand and turning the soil and planting other things that are green. I can't afford to have my yard re sodded.
Growing up in south Florida, I used to see people have their lawns brought in on a truck and when I moved to Virginia I used to laugh about it. Now I am one of them. My DH and I had the lawn re sodded a few years ago and relied on the neighborhood irrigation pumps to keep our lawn watered. The pumps kept going down and the drought situation kept us from using the lake water, THEN we had road humps put in to slow the STUPID people that would fly through our neighborhood. It slowed some of them down, the rest drove across our grass to avoid the hump and killed an entire row of sprinkler heads. We didn't put them in or we wouldn't have put them inches away from the curb, that's for darn certain. Oooohhh, can you tell I am emotional about my lawn :-)? Anyway, DH got the irrigation system back up and running, but we still can't afford to have a lawn brought in and laid. So, we are putting in mulched flower beds closest to the concrete and asphalt and putting sod in the middle areas. Maybe I will post a photo when it is all done. I have been working on it just a couple hours in the mornings when it is still cool out. It won't take long for the mornings to start out at 85 and get hotter. I hope to be done by then.
I have been reading on some of the other blogs how if you are one of the first 5 to leave a comment you might get something in the mail. I might have to try that sometime. I would like it people left a comment now and then. My daughter is pretty good about leaving comments.

Anyway, I hope you like my card.

Thanks for tuning in.



  1. Hi! I thought it was you who left the comment on my blog ;) Wanted to be sure. Can you email you address to me at

    I'll get your handmade item out to you soon! Thanks for playing!